Pump The Brakes On The “Trade Brad Marchand” Talk

The city of Boston has many nicknames:

– The Hub
– The Cradle of Liberty
– Beantown

But I have another nickname for this city, especially when it comes to their sport franchises:

– The City of Overreaction

It seems that once a player has a bad postseason for the Bruins the “trade him” birds come flying out of their nest and take to whatever social media and/or outlet (see: radio) to preach about a player getting traded. This offseason the two hot names to be sent somewhere else are David Krejci and Brad Marchand. Some have given Krejci a pass based on his past performance, but many aren’t able to forgive Marchand for….reasons?



From Extra Skater: Corsi is the number of shot attempts by a team or player. In other words, it’s the sum of a team or players’s goals, shots on net, shots that miss the net, and shots that are blocked. It’s used as a proxy for puck possession

Yeah, corsi should come into play – shouldn’t it? I mean, it is an important statistic when measuring puck possession. Marchand was 6th in the NHL with a corsi for of 59.8%. What this means is that when Brad Marchand is on the ice at even strength the Bruins have the puck for about 60% of the time. A lot of people will discredit corsi because it counts all shots, but how can you score if you don’t shoot? 

It’s not all about corsi either. Look at his usage chart:

Player usage chart - 3 players


Bergeron is obviously a cut above the rest. He faces the tougher competition and is one of the best puck possession players in the NHL, but Marchand is no slouch. He faces tougher competition than Reilly Smith and his circle is darker which indicates he drives possession better than Smith. The only thing Smith has over Marchand is that he makes less offensive zone starts than Marchand (and not by much).

And if for some reason you want to discredit advanced stats – look at the raw numbers. Marchand was third on the team in scoring in the regular season (25 goals) and outside of his first “year” (20GP in 2009-2010) he’s scored at least 20 goals every season (with the lockout season adding up to 32 goals if played a full season).

You can also add in the Marchand led the team (70+GP) in shooting percentage this year at 16.8% which is on par to his shooting percent as a full time player of 16.5% – so it’s not like he was playing out of his mind or overshooting his potential.

I get that people are frustrated after a shitty playoff performance because I am (was?) one of them. There’s no excuse for a guy like Krejci or Marchand to not produce at hockey’s biggest stage, but sometimes shit just doesn’t go in.

I don’t recall a large contingent of Bruins fans asking for the head of Milan Lucic when he huffed and puffed his way to five playoff goals in two years (32 total playoff games) in 10-11 and 11-12 and then laid a big fat fucking egg in the lockout season (7 goals) because he was so fucking out of shape had a kid. Nope, it was the usual “Well he’s fahking Seabass Joonyah” and “Luchick will fight so we need him tah be ah fahking fawce.”

What’s happened since? Lucic was a menace in the 12-13 playoffs because he was the only one getting into shape instead of exhausted and he continued to roll from then on. If the Bruins “pulled a Seguin” with Lucic, the only benefit would be that Danny DeKeyser doesn’t have to piss in pain.

I believe a lot of this “trade player x because he had a bad playoff run” is brought on by the Bruins themselves when they used the first episode of team produced on team owned network NESN Behind the B to slander explain why they believe Seguin would be better off somewhere else. Once that happened and the management team used his recent playoff disappearance on video it was all the fans needed to tell themselves that anyone who has a shitty playoff run is out the door.

While I don’t agree with the Seguin fiasco, it is over and done with. The focus here is the insane idea that trading Marchand would make this team better. In my mind the only way one of your leading scorers, best shooters and a leader in driving possession is moved is if you’re blown away by some trade package. He’s been a staple to this Bruins team and has benefited, and I believe been beneficial, to playing with Patrice Bergeron.

There’s a large group that believes he takes a lot of penalties, which is once again a bullshit argument. Penalty differential measures: (penalties drawn – penalties taken). In 2013-2014 Marchand was a -6, meaning he took 6 more penalties than he drew. A lot of big name Bruins players were in the negatives including: Zdeno Chara (-8), Carl Söderberg (-5) and…gasp…Patrice Bergeron (-3).

In the end, pump the brakes on the talk about trading a 26 year old 20+ goal scorer. For a team that has thrown around the word speed a lot this offseason, trading one of their speedier wingers would be moronic.



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