Ryan White Slew Foots Michel Therrien (Video & GIF)

When shit's bad in Montreal, it's motherfucking bad. And that's great when you're a Bruins fan.

While Habs fans call for Canadiens' head coach Michel Therrien's job (and possibly his head), players seem to be staging a mutiny. Take in case this video:

Sucks when your own players slewfoot you, doesn't it, Michel?

Let's see that again… and again… and again…

Things are bad when players are slew footing their coaches. We're not surprised to see a Hab slewfoot, we're just shocked it wasn't PK Subban. Frankly, this is our favorite Habs moment since our other favorite Habs moment:

Or that other one…

And this one…

Ryan White. We salute you, sir…

…for now


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