Stars’ Shawn Horcoff: Bruins to Blame for Tyler Seguin’s “Issues”


Just when we thought the Seguin drama was behind us, someone had to open their big mouth about Tyler's Seguin demise in Boston and the shitshow that followed. That someone was Dallas Stars' forward  Shawn Horcoff:

“I haven’t seen a single thing that warrants any of the stuff that was written about him when he was in Boston. I don’t know, maybe he did want to come here and want to change a little bit, but the kid was 20 years old, he had a Stanley Cup, he signed a big deal…
“In a lot of ways I blame the organization for not helping squash that. But that’s in the past for him, he’s become outstanding.”

Did the Bruins give up on a budding NHL star? Definitely. Does the team have to baby sit and wipe the crap out of Seguin's diaper? Nope. That's what parents are for.

Also, we're not surprised Seguin has changed this year. When you get traded suddenly from a Cup contender to a playoff bubble team and get dragged through the mud by the media, you probably go into the following season with a sizable chip on your shoulder. If Seguin didn't get his act in gear and start tearing it up offensively, we would've been surprised.

But let's not pretend it's the team's job to play Mr. and Mrs. Seguin. I mean, that's why the Bs hired that guard and GPS ankle monitor right?

By the way, Bruins vs. Stars tomorrow night in Dallas.

S/T to The Score for the post we originally found.


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