The Time Has Come. Time To Add To Team DOY.

After an internal debate and finally acceptance, Team DOY has decided that we need a fourth writer to do weekend previews/recaps. That's right – the dreaded weekends when Justin, Jon and I have zero time to do anything thanks to kids, significant others, work and other family. Seriously – I write Saturday previews on Friday. If there's a Sunday game like there was yesterday, forget about it – you're not getting a damn thing. 

This isn't just a gig for this season either. If you're the right fit, dedicated and your shit is good, you're in. We're looking for someone to strictly fill in for weekend duty so if you can't do that then please don't throw your name in the hat. Should weekend duty go well – we could open it up for a shit ton of other stuff. 

So here's how this is going to happen: 

1. Email us at that you're interested.
2. Include your name and anything else relevant (Twitter handle, whatever).
3. Throw us a sample preview. Doesn't have to be super long or even a complete preview write-up. A sample is all we need, seriously. 
4. Be creative. 

After that we'll have a selection process with the group and give the standouts a shot at writing a preview.