Torey Krug Potentially To The KHL? See Ya.

Okay, my shitty, Buzzfeed-esque click bait title is a little misleading. THAT’S RIGHT. ALL THE HITS. No seriously, it is a little misleading. Torey Krug isn’t going to the KHL, but there’s a rumor out there that a KHL team has sent a significant offer to Krug. From Joe Haggerty:

A source with knowledge of Krug’s negotiations told that there’s been a sizable offer made for the defenseman’s services by an unidentified KHL team. The offer, according to the source, included a good chunk of money up front as a signing bonus.

When contacted by, Krug’s agent, Lewis Gross, wouldn’t confirm, or deny, that the KHL offer existed, and instead offered an apologetic “no comment.”

By now, everyone should be pretty up to speed about the statuses of Torey Krug and Reilly Smith. They aren’t really restricted free agents based on the number of years they’ve played in the league. No other NHL team can offer sheet them, sign them or even send them a text message that says “hey bae” with a winking emoticon.


Krug isn’t going to get the contract he probably wants and its arguable he won’t get a contract that he deserves, but the Bruins sort of mismanaged their salary cap (something it seems no one wants to talk about) and it left them in a situation where Chiarelli will have to come to the table and say “Look fellas, take a one year bridge deal and we can make it work in 2015-2016.”

If Krug, for some odd reason other than being able to wipe his ass with $50 bills, left to the KHL, the Bruins would be fine. I said this on Twitter yesterday and I firmly believe it:

Everyone is replaceable*.

*To an extent.

Okay maybe Patrice Bergeron and Tuukka Rask aren’t replaceable, but Torey Krug is. I know he had a good rookie season that saw him accumulate 40 points and 14 goals and ignite a dismal power play, but are we sure that we couldn’t find that production somewhere else?

Could David Warsofsky do the same thing?

It is certainly possible. Warsofsky has some offensive ability while being a potential defensive liability which seems to be in the same class Krug is. Is he a 40 point player? I’m not really sure but if you look at his AHL totals, he is close. Last season for Providence he had 6 goals and 26 assists in 56 games. Warsofsky also had 1 goal and 1 assist in 6 games in Boston when he had to do some spot relief due to injuries.

For all the good Krug does offensively a lot of people give him slack when it comes to the defensive end. Here’s the usage chart for Zdeno Chara, Krug, Kevan Miller, Dougie Hamilton and Johnny Boychuk.

Player usage chart - 5 players

Looking at this chart, the Y axis (left side) represents quality of competition. The higher you are on the chart, the tougher competition (opposing team forwards) you face. It’s obvious that Zdeno Chara would face the toughest competition on the team, but look at Krug. The only defenseman out of the five who faced worse competition is fan favorite Kevan Miller, who must have a sore dick from all the hand jibbers he’s been getting this offseason.

The X axis (across the bottom) represents zone starts. The further to the left you are on this chart, the more starts you have in the defensive zone. So not only does Zdeno Chara face the toughest competition on the ice – he does most of it in his own zone.


Krug faces some of the worst competition and has 64% of his starts in the offensive zone. What this proves is:

1. Claude Julien knows what the fuck he’s doing. 2. Torey Krug is so sheltered that homeless people are jealous of him.

I’m not saying Torey Krug is bad by any stretch of the imagination but I am saying that Torey Krug is replaceable. If he really, really wants to go play in an inferior hockey league for boatloads of money then good riddance. The Bruins can replace is output (or close to it) without drastically changing the team.


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