You Play with Fire, You Get Burnt…Bruins Lose

Tonight’s recap brought to you by Prilosec and Irish Whiskey. This thing must have been a ton of fun to watch for people who had no Caron horse in this race.

You know how to lose games to Montreal? You take dumb penalties. For all the things you can say about PK Subban, you can’t deny the fact that he’s an extraordinarily talented hockey player. He looks like he was put on this Earth for one reason, to fucking crush shots from the point on the man advantage.

The Bruins showed a ton of resiliency in this game, battling back from 2-0 and 3-2 deficits to force not one, but two overtime periods. In the end, Subban and Carey Price were just too good in this game.

Let’s get to it:

Four wins. Four fist pumps. That simple.

Bruins came out super physical. Hitting everything with a pulse, and also Andrei Markov. Led to them spending so much time in the offensive zone they started moving in their furniture. (20 bucks says Reilly Smith still sleeps on a futon.) Ask Big Z about that North End rent money.

Bartkowski to the box for a well-sold trip on Dale Weise. Tuukka stopped about 4 shots before Subban finally converted a seeing-eye puck through more traffic than 128 on a Friday afternoon.

Totally tilted the ice in the Habs favor, as they spent the next five minutes throwing everything at the net. Defense did a good job of keeping the shots away from dangerous areas.

More pressure by the B’s to end the period, unfortunately Krug decided to get cuter than a basket full of pug puppies and gets denied by Price.

More of the same to open the 2nd. Loads of possession time. Tons of shots, none of them past Price. And then…fart noise. Terrible play in the neutral zone leads to a Rene Bourque goal. Beyond frustrating when they outplay teams and one stupid mistake leads to a goal.

Habs did a great job of shutting down the B’s in the 2nd. They couldn’t get any attacking rhythm going, and once they did, the shooting lanes were locked down tighter than Tyler Seguin’s hotel room.

Carl draws a penalty, because he’s Carl. Lots of great looks on the power play, but SHOCKINGLY nothing gets through, including two golden opportunities by Iginla.

Jeez, even Marchand could have hit dat gap. Just kidding, no he couldn’t.


Confirmed: Reilly Smith shot Kennedy, from the grassy knoll, with a magic bullet.  No clue how the hell this puck goes through.

Finally the B’s get under Subban’s skin. The long game played off as he takes a dumb penalty and enjoys a tasty Mountain Slew in the box. It goes great with shame.


Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but a whole lot of opportunities on the power play, and every last one of them stopped by Carey Price. You’d think Peter Budaj was in net the way Price kept denying the B’s.

Good momentum off the power play and then Lucic finally shook off the rust and found KRUUUUUUUGG!!

“King Kong ain’t got shit on me!”



Despite attacking Price like one of the dragons on his Ed Hardy socks, B’s just couldn’t extend the lead. After an eternity without a shot, the pushback by the Habs finally came on like a rabid Youppi, with Francis Boullion firing one past Rask to break the tie.

Boychuk saves and/or destroys our livers with a BLAST to send it into overtime.

Paging Shooter McGavin with that celebration.

“You know what my heart needed? Overtime.” – No one ever.

So many heart-stoppers in OT on both sides. After a goal filled regulation, this game finally turned into what we all expected this series to come down to: Tuukka Rask vs. Carey Price.

Price must have eaten an entire god damn box of Lucky Charms between periods. So many pucks juuuuust staying out.


How Rask makes this save, I will never know. I was ready to call it a night the second that centering pass hit Eller’s stick.

Hooray, double OT.  Is there a worse term than “free hockey”? One way or another, you pay for it. Usually the morning after.

And then, Subban on the power play.

Two Bartkowski penalties = Two Subban PPGs. Fuck it all. 4-3 Habs.


– Dougie’s confidence. He looked like a ten year pro manning the power play. Good things happen when he’s on the ice, Claude.

– That Bergeron hip check though. “Sticks? We don’t need no stinkin’ sticks!”




– “Over the summer, Brendan Gallagher asked Lucic if he could give him a couple of inches.”

– Not a good night for the PK. After starting the playoffs on fire, they’ve left much to be desired in the past few games. You’re going to take penalties against the Habs, you have to kill them off.

– The nightmares I have over seeing Danny Briere and Thomas Vanek on the same team in the Playoffs. I need my blankey.

– It’s not enough that Marchand can’t put a puck into an open net, now he’s stopping his teammates’ shots. Rumor has it the Penguins are looking for him to play goalie for them after this one:


Lingering Questions

– Does Pierre get a cookie every time he says “too many men”? Is said cookie also ookie? Has Pierre ever said “too many men” in a casual setting?

– Why does the scheduling department hate us? 12:30 start on Saturday.

– Have you refilled your blood pressure medication lately?



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