Zetterberg skating, questionable for series vs Boston

Zetterberg reiterated what has been said since he underwent surgery Feb. 21: He isn’t likely to play again unless there is a second round for the Wings. “We were shooting for round two, and that’s still the plan,” he said. – Source


DOY Playoff Bracket Challenge

Last year we ran a playoff bracket challenge and people enjoyed it so we’re doing it again. As usual, sign up through Here’s the link: DOY Playoff Bracket Challenge  

Does This Make Justin Johnson a Boston Folk hero?

Spoiler: Not really, but that’s what was said about Evander Kane after he knocked the crap out of Matt Cooke right after the Savard incident, so we’ll roll with that narrative for funsies.

This is David vs. Goliath.

And David just whooped Goliath’s ass, sooooo yea. Let’s see that shit again. And again. And again.


Anyways, what a blast by Justin Johnson on John “How the Fuck am I in the NHL?” Scott. Hopefully this is the last we ever have to see of that pylon punching bag.

new jerseyice

82. Boston Bruins at New Jersey Devils. The End of the Beginning

It’s finally here. Thank sweet chocolate christ on a cracker, the end of the regular season is here! All that stands between the Bruins and a first round matchup with Detroit is a sixty minute game that means absolutely fuck-all in Newark. That’s right, Marchand, go refill your Valtrex prescription, the season ends in Dirty […]



HA! I’m officially in now. I distracted Purrgeron with a laser pointer and a bag of catnip and next thing you know, I had a login and posting privileges. You can follow me on Twitter. Much like my articles, 90% of it is delusional rambling, but it’s good for an occasional laugh. Just like the […]


81. Buffal – Wait, Who The Hell Still Plays For Buffalo?

Seriously, after Miller and Ott were traded who the hell still plays for Buffalo? John Scott – although one can argue that what he does out there isn’t really considered hockey. I mean, yeah – they’re playing for the basement and the Bruins are playing for April 15th (which I believe is the start of […]


Cleanup Aisle 3, There Is Much Defecation. BRUINS LOSE.

1. I love the word “defecation”. 2. While this game means absolutely red rocket dog dick in the long run, the trend of giving up late third period goals is a little concerning. I’m not here to spread fear and panic within the Bruins fanbase because, like I said, these games don’t mean shit. Boston […]


80. Boston Bruins at Winnipeg Jets. Still -100C in Winnipeg.

Winnipeg should be considered a natural disaster. The whole place sucks. Seriously. The hockey team sucks. The weather sucks. The people suck. The activities suck. The view sucks. There is not one redeeming quality about Winnipeg. No one wants to go there. No one wants to play there. Their management is stupid enough to give […]