Brucie Bonus Points! Bruins Blank Habs 4-0!

I’m not sure if it is Bruce Cassidy’s influence or the Bruins embarrassed that their head coach was fired, but this Bruins team is playing harder than a redneck at a family reunion. We called it on ‘The Optional Skate’ (available now on Patreon, 2/15 for the rest of you) because this happens when a […]


58. Canadiens vs Bruins. The Real Test

It’s a home game. Second day of a back to back Against the Montreal Canadiens… Have fans gotten down on bended knee and started praising Butch Cassidy as Boston’s savior yet? I’ll give credit where it’s due.  The Sharks are a good team.  Vancouver isn’t, but a win is a win.  Lets face it though, […]



I have so many thoughts about what I just watched so you’re just going to have to bear with me on this one. If you read my preview you’ll note that I admitted that I’m functioning like a crack-addled rhesus monkey and I regret to inform you all that this is still true. My brain is […]


57. Canucks @ Bruins: Show Me A Beautiful Sunrise, Bruce

Today in a ridiculous early game a team that fired their coach faces a team whose fans want their coach fired. I could talk more about how the firing of Claude Julien in light of the win last game does not equal Bruce Cassidy: Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ of the Boston Bruins organization but […]


56: Sharks @ Bruins: Don’t Bring Me Down, Bruce

The Bruce Cassidy Era is upon us. I’m not going to spend a ton of time rehashing the ceremonial disembowelment of Claude Julien, you can hear the rest of the DOY crew do it on the upcoming episode of The Optional Skate. This is the team’s first game since Saturday, when the Bruins presented their sweet, […]


Our Claude Julien Photoshop Tribute

For awhile we did our “Photoshop Tribute” to players who have left us. We’re going back in time and digging up most (if not all) of our Claude Julien photoshops for a final send off.   And of course, our favorite Julien picture:


The Cowardice of the Boston Bruins.

It was 8:00am when the email popped into my inbox. “Boston Bruins relieve Claude Julien of coaching duties” I grabbed my iced coffee from the woman at McDonald’s (best iced coffee FYI), thanked her and then pulled over to the side of the road. The Boston Bruins have fired their head coach. Normally when a […]


More L’s Than An Immigration Ban In Court. Bruins Lose 6-5.

Time of death: February 4, 2017 at 10:00pm EST. Overly dramatic? Maybe. Message sent? Definitely. Last night is probably the Bruins death knoll when it comes to making the playoffs. Yes, the Bruins are still third in the Atlantic Division after last night’s slate of games, but both Ottawa (second in the ATL) and Toronto […]


55. Maple Leafs at Bruins: Like…Do Your Job and Stuff

No, that isn’t (just) a Patriots reference: I don’t disagree on principle, but you also have to do your job well.  Lately the Bruins have been struggling to break out of mediocrity. Are there must win games in February? Yes, this is one of them.  Pez talked about this on The Optional Skate, but in case […]



Early in the third period, Patrice Bergeron blocked a Matt Niskanen slap shot and left the game. He briefly returned, skated and left again. He was never seen again. Okay, that’s a little harsh, but Bergeron didn’t return that could be a devastating injury for the Bruins. Despite having a “down” year, Bergeron is still […]


54. Bruins at Capitals: Washington? More like Washing-TON…Of Points!

Big win last night! Why you ask? Because at this point, I consider almost every win a big win. The Bruins are just barely beating off Toronto and Florida for a playoff spot and- Uhg, forget it, moving forward. Eventually, the Bruins will have a reasonable schedule.  Their “bye week” is coming up soon and […]


The Optional Skate EP 16: A One Pez Show

Sponsored by: Use the promo code ‘DOY’ and get 15 % off your order today!  — Due to illness running rampant through Days of Y’Orr, you’re getting a one man show with Pez! Today on the podcast, he’s talking about the aspirations of Days of Y’Orr and why we decided to go to Patreon. It’s […]


Rode the Lightning. BRUINS WIN 4-3!

The key to Boston’s success is clear. Play on the road. Boston picked up a huge win on a night that both Ottawa and Toronto lost. They’re currently tied with Ottawa for second in the division and the both games in hand shrink by 1. Instead of doing the usual recap, I want to yell at Brad […]