Bears Love Penguin Meat. BRUINS WIN!

So, are we all in agreement that this game was probably the Bruins best overall effort all season? The first period kind of had us all like “typical Bruins, big win followed by a big let down!” Then they came out firing in the second and never slowed down. They took one shift off the […]


-Bruins lost a close one to a decent Nashville team. Can’t really be mad about that. But most of my thoughts about the game, good or bad, go out the window considering Rask might be hurt. Roman Josi, a very fine player, sent a rocket of a shot at Rask and Rask had to leave […]


What a Maroon. BRUINS LOSE.

The night started off good…well, “good” is a relative term considering a recent loss in the Bruins family. The Milt Schmidt tribute was great is what I’m poorly trying to say. Very well done for a guy that was by all accounts not just an amazing player but an amazing person. You know you’ve made […]


Bruins PK So Good, Montreal Traded It. BRUINS WIN.

You folks hear that? Listen. Shhhh. Listen. You can hear the dying cries on Twitter…. “But Raaaaaaaask caaaaaaan’t plaaaaaaaaay in Montreaaaaaaaal” The only goal Montreal scored on him was because Keven Miller is the human equivalent of getting fucked in the eyes by an elephant. Tuukka Rask marched into Montreal and absolutely stole that game. […]


Get to the Point. BRUINS LOSE.

This team is more confusing than a Days of Y’Orr staff get together. Sure, you’re seeing someone but Greg’s butt is so touchable. Where was I? Oh yeah. Bruins are confusing. They lose 2-1 against a terrible, terrible Calgary team. Though admittedly My Name is Chad Johnson was doing his best Human Torch impression. I […]


Battle of the Ex. BRUINS LOSE.

Sometimes the story lines write themselves. New Bruin David Backes faced his former team, the St. Louis Blues, for the first time. Both sides down played it, but you know it’s an emotional day. This is one of those games that reminds us that sports are more than just entertainment. Sure, we use it at […]


Buffalo: The Gift That Keeps On Giving. BRUINS WIN.

Regular readers of DOY know how much we loathe Buffalo, so a dominant win like this against those chumps feels extra, extra good. Not only did the Bruins win at home, they scored MULTIPLE power play goals. It truly is the end of times. After an embarrassing loss to the Rangers, the Bruins knew some […]


Wait, Jimmy Hayes Did It?! BRUINS WIN!

Tampa Bay hasn’t had the start to the season they’ve wanted, but we all know how good they are. They are the class of the Eastern Conference. They are what other teams wish they were: deep at forward, defense and in goal. If the Bruins lost this game, you wouldn’t even be that disappointed. Tampa […]


Marchand, Marchand, Marchand! BRUINS WIN!

Brad Marchand is so good, he made it so that the final score was his jersey number. What a special, special guy. And really, how great was it to see John Tortorella, fresh off seeing Marchand abuse his Team USA, get a front row seat to the Brad Marchand Show? Marchand is the real deal. […]


Happy Anniversary Buffalo!

Anyone who has spent any amount of time on our site knows we love the Buffalo Sabres. So on days like today when an important anniversary happens and we desperately need some filler content, we like to help them celebrate. So let us set the stage for you. It’s 1999. Bill Clinton is fighting impeachment. […]


Sleepy Second Leads to Clutch Third. BRUINS F’ING WIN.

When the Panthers tied the game in the first you could see the Bruins get deflated. Like almost every game where they NEEDED to show up, they stopped playing. Then the second period happened and we wanted to punch our TV’s. The Bruins were letting  yet another important two points slip away and we were […]


Senators Get Blown Out, But Bruins Blow It. BRUINS LOSE.

For the first part of this recap, you need to get the tune of an old classic in your head: Now you may proceed. This was going way better before the Bruins blew it and killed my motivation. Bruins really needed a Win here in Suckberg. Need points to catch the Sens from some Duck […]


Murray the Tank Engine. BRUINS WI…LOSE. LOSE?!

(Editor’s note: This game broke Jon’s brain. The Bruins are so confusing that they’ll go on a big win streak then lose to Lindback and the Sabres. LINDBACK. The only Back worse than Nickelback. So instead of doing a regular recap he decided to do story time instead and drink a tall glass of Buffalo […]


Hibernation Coming to an End? BRUINS WIN.

Two weeks ago this game would’ve been over after Tampa went up 2-1. Bruins would’ve just given up and pouted the rest of the game. It’s amazing what some confidence can do for a team. This was their best game of the season. Hands down. That was the most complete effort they put together all […]


Bruins…get… two….points….? BRUINS WIN!

Somebody call the cops because the Bruins just stole a game. Bruins needed those two points so bad. For the first 40-50 minutes they played like John Scott but Pittsburgh kept baaaaaaaaaaaarely missing on scoring opportunities, Rask made some key saves, Lucic came alive and Bergeron was Bergeron. This is the type of win that […]