Bruins’ Front Office Diagnosed With Verbal Diarrhea

The Torey Krug/Reilly Smith holdout that isn’t really a holdout keeps getting uglier. As expected, they missed the start of training camp, which is well within their rights as unsigned players. Instead of sitting down and negotiating fair deals like adults, the Bruins have decided to go on the propaganda attack and just spit out […]


EXCLUSIVE: Behind The B Season 2 Sneak Peek

Earlier today, the Bruins announced that their NHL 24/7 knockoff groundbreaking behind the scenes series, “Behind The B” is returning for a second season.   Thirteen episodes will air throughout the season, chronicling the trials and tribulations of the Black and Gold. The whole gang is back. Cam Neely, Denis Leary, even Jordan Caron.   Why […]


Loui Eriksson Is Probably Your First Line RW. And That’s OK.

Are you still reading this? Good, you made it past the title without shutting down your browser, ripping your computer off your desk, throwing it in a dumpster, and then setting said dumpster ablaze. I’m here to tell you why it’s a good thing that Loui Eriksson is going to see a whole lot more […]


Peter and Chris: A Love Story

In high school, I had a copy of Clerks on VHS. I loved that fucking movie. I watched it pretty much every night before I fell asleep. Subconsciously, I think it might be why I love Patrice Bergeron so much. The point is, as technology kept advancing, I was still clutching onto this outdated format, […]


A Symphony of (Broken) Wind…BRUINS LOSE.

I’ve really got nothing right now. One of these teams looked like they were fighting for its life, the other looked like a recycled bag of smashed assholes that got put through a meat grinder, made into sausage, sold in a cart on Causeway Street, eaten, washed down by 14 Natty Lights, and puked up […]


Y’all Got Any More of Them Third Periods? Bruins Lose.

Thanks, Montreal. Now I know what it feels like to watch the Game of Thrones intro on acid. I get that you want to jerk off before the game, everyone does. But not everyone does it in a full length mirror with Michael Bay applying the lube and John Williams conducting the London Symphony Orchestra […]


You Play with Fire, You Get Burnt…Bruins Lose

Tonight’s recap brought to you by Prilosec and Irish Whiskey. This thing must have been a ton of fun to watch for people who had no Caron horse in this race. You know how to lose games to Montreal? You take dumb penalties. For all the things you can say about PK Subban, you can’t deny […]


Occupy Octopi…Bruins Win!

First rant. Then recap. The Octopus throw is the dumbest fucking tradition in sports. It’s disgusting. Who in their right mind would want to skate through that slime? It hasn’t even made sense in about fifty years. You wanna throw a sixteen-tentacled sea beast on the ice? Go for it. Shouldn’t be too hard to […]

new jerseyice

82. Boston Bruins at New Jersey Devils. The End of the Beginning

It’s finally here. Thank sweet chocolate christ on a cracker, the end of the regular season is here! All that stands between the Bruins and a first round matchup with Detroit is a sixty minute game that means absolutely fuck-all in Newark. That’s right, Marchand, go refill your Valtrex prescription, the season ends in Dirty […]



HA! I’m officially in now. I distracted Purrgeron with a laser pointer and a bag of catnip and next thing you know, I had a login and posting privileges. You can follow me on Twitter. Much like my articles, 90% of it is delusional rambling, but it’s good for an occasional laugh. Just like the […]