David Carradine. Bruins Lose.

Choke, choke, city bitch, city bitch Choke, choke, choke city bitch, city bitch, choke Choke, choke, choke city bitch, city bitch Mustard on the beat The first good chance of the game came with Zdeno Chara in the box. Bergeron was able to clear the puck into open space, where Ottawa goalie Robin Lehner made the […]


Direct Me To The Nearest Post Office. Bruins Win!

I haven’t even had my leftovers yet and this game was putting me to sleep. Real talk, if David Pastrnak wasn’t on the ice, I paid about 10% attention. This game was a fucking snoozefest and my 5 month-old has a fever, so somebody needs to bring me some forever stamps, `cause I am mailing this […]


Khoko B. Ware! Bruins Win!

Did the Bruins show up for the first 40 minutes tonight? Did they show up for the third?   An early opportunity was foiled when the laws of physics, angry at Patrice Bergeron for his lifelong defiance, partnered with Dalton Prout to keep Bergeron’s shot, which had trickled past Sergei Bobrovsky, from crossing the goal […]


Rask Gives Me Blues Clues. Bruins Win!

If the Bruins turn this season around, tonight is one of the games you’ll look back at and nod approvingly. Blues are one of the best teams in the league, especially on the offensive side of the game. You match that up against a depleted Bruins blue line, and this game had all the makings […]


Trade Chara, Amirite? Bruins Lose.

defense (dəˈfens,ˈdēˌfens) noun 1. The act of defending against attack, danger, or injury. 2. A means or method of defending or protecting. 3.  Sports Means or tactics used in trying to stop the opposition from scoring. What a fucking disaster. The blue line is an absolute mess right now. Dougie is the only one capable of inspiring any confidence but when you stick him with the 2014 version of Dennis Seidenberg for 20 minutes a night, results may vary. This isn’t a knee jerk reaction or […]


Carl’s in Charge Giveaway

We really love Carl around here. It’s no secret. Hell, we love him so much that we made a shirt for him. It’s available over at Teespring.   That sweet looking shirt is all yours for only $13. It’s available in blue or black, and women’s sizes are also available. But nothing beats the price of  “on […]


Three In A Row. Bruins Win!

      Home game against a team with a weaker offensive attack than the ISIS navy. Should be a cakewalk, right?   The Bruins were outplayed for almost the entire night, but the resurgence of the Bruins’ top line would once again prove fruitful. Three in a row for the good guys now and […]


13. Ottawa Senators at Boston Bruins. The Quest For A Winning Record.

November 1st. Luckily, I didn’t play the Halloween 2014 drinking game, where you take a shot every time you see an Elsa. Because I would have taken 42 fucking shots. I’m so glad I have two sons and have never seen Frozen. Nothing but Batman and Lego Movie for us. More importantly, the putrid month of […]


The Single Most Offensive Post Ever Written. Bruins Win!

For those unaware, today’s gameday preview caused a bit of a stir. Someone who doesn’t normally read the site asked us to change the headline. At first, we declined. As expected, twitter reacted calmly and rationally. J/K, they totally lost it. Story of the day: people came to an offensive hockey blog, read something offensive, and […]


10. Boston Bruins at Toronto Maple Leafs. The Drinking Game.

With Zdeno Chara out for the foreseeable future, we here at Days of Y’Orr have turned to heavy drinking. Well, heavier drinking for some of us. We figured we might as well have some fun with this cirrhosis inducing nightmare. Feel free to play along with us. Grab your alcoholic beverage of choice (21+ only), […]


It’s The Return. Days of Y’Orr Live. Wednesday 10/29 at 8 PM

After sitting around with one thumb up our asses, one thumb in our mouths, then switching thumbs, we’ve finally decided to bring back Days of Y’Orr Live. So next Wednesday, October 29th, at 8:00 PM EST, we’ll bring you the first live chat of the season. We have much to talk about including: – Zdeno […]


7. Boston Bruins at Buffalo Sabres. Squash Match.

In pro wrestling, a squash match is when an established star gets paired against a career loser for the sole purpose of crushing them and building their credibility. Today, the Bruins are Shawn Michaels. Buffalo, sweet Buffalo. Today, and every other day on the NHL schedule, you’re the Brooklyn Brawler. Listen, the Bruins need this […]

Six Foot Party Sub

Me Lucic. Me No Smart. Bruins Lose.

First and foremost, I’d like to thank NESN for not airing the 21 minute (no exaggeration) pregame ceremony at the Bell Centre. You see, I have a fever that’s rapidly approaching 101 degrees and I really didn’t need all that hallucinatory stimuli. No, it’s not ebola. But if it is, I’m calling the Make-A-Wish foundation and […]


Special 6 Million Dollar Guest Recap. Bruins Lose.

Editor’s note: All of the DOY guys were busy doing better things that watching this hot pile of garbage, so we decided to bring in a guest writer today. Luckily, our number one choice wasn’t doing anything, so we bring you the musings of Bruins’ “first-line” winger, Milan Lucic.   Hey, gang. Milan Lucic here. […]