It’s The Return. Days of Y’Orr Live. Wednesday 10/29 at 8 PM

After sitting around with one thumb up our asses, one thumb in our mouths, then switching thumbs, we’ve finally decided to bring back Days of Y’Orr Live. So next Wednesday, October 29th, at 8:00 PM EST, we’ll bring you the first live chat of the season. We have much to talk about including: – Zdeno […]


7. Boston Bruins at Buffalo Sabres. Squash Match.

In pro wrestling, a squash match is when an established star gets paired against a career loser for the sole purpose of crushing them and building their credibility. Today, the Bruins are Shawn Michaels. Buffalo, sweet Buffalo. Today, and every other day on the NHL schedule, you’re the Brooklyn Brawler. Listen, the Bruins need this […]

Six Foot Party Sub

Me Lucic. Me No Smart. Bruins Lose.

First and foremost, I’d like to thank NESN for not airing the 21 minute (no exaggeration) pregame ceremony at the Bell Centre. You see, I have a fever that’s rapidly approaching 101 degrees and I really didn’t need all that hallucinatory stimuli. No, it’s not ebola. But if it is, I’m calling the Make-A-Wish foundation and […]


Special 6 Million Dollar Guest Recap. Bruins Lose.

Editor’s note: All of the DOY guys were busy doing better things that watching this hot pile of garbage, so we decided to bring in a guest writer today. Luckily, our number one choice wasn’t doing anything, so we bring you the musings of Bruins’ “first-line” winger, Milan Lucic.   Hey, gang. Milan Lucic here. […]


3. Washington Capitals at Boston Bruins. Take Back On The Boychuk Trade? Please?

Apologies in advance for any spelling or grammar errors, I just finished rinsing the bleach out of my eyes from Thursday night’s Bruins game, brought to you by Planned Parenthood. Man, the Bruins were bad the other night. When you’re facing a goalie as prone to catastrophe as Jimmy Howard, it’s probably in your best interest […]


David Pastrnak Would’ve Shot The Puck. Bruins Lose.

Autumn in Detroit. The abandoned buildings are changing colors, the Xanax it takes just to walk out the front door has a hint of pumpkin spice, and every day feels like Halloween when your city looks like an episode of Scooby Doo. Nope, those aren’t zombies and skeletons, it’s the Red Wings, a team whose average […]


Good Marchand, Bad Marchand. Bruins Lose.

Bruins hockey? On an actual television? Jack Edwards? Dale Arnold?   The game got off to a quick start with lots of opportunities for Carl Söderberg. The NHL game is really starting to click for him, and the possibility of seeing him abuse inferior third lines all season long is a serious pants-tightening situation.   Bobby Robins […]


Le Preseason Boo. Bruins Lose.

Bruins Lines: Fraser-Krejci-Eriksson Werek-Soderberg-Ferlin Paille-Spooner-Gagne Caron-Kelly-Randell   Seidenberg-Boychuk Warsofsky-Miller Morrow-Casto   Svedberg Subban   Game got off to a fast start when Ryan Spooner forced a turnover in the neutral zone, used his speed to create space, and made a beautiful move to rip one past Dustin Tokarski.   Spooner then drew a holding call on Rene […]


Bruins’ Front Office Diagnosed With Verbal Diarrhea

The Torey Krug/Reilly Smith holdout that isn’t really a holdout keeps getting uglier. As expected, they missed the start of training camp, which is well within their rights as unsigned players. Instead of sitting down and negotiating fair deals like adults, the Bruins have decided to go on the propaganda attack and just spit out […]


EXCLUSIVE: Behind The B Season 2 Sneak Peek

Earlier today, the Bruins announced that their NHL 24/7 knockoff groundbreaking behind the scenes series, “Behind The B” is returning for a second season.   Thirteen episodes will air throughout the season, chronicling the trials and tribulations of the Black and Gold. The whole gang is back. Cam Neely, Denis Leary, even Jordan Caron.   Why […]


Loui Eriksson Is Probably Your First Line RW. And That’s OK.

Are you still reading this? Good, you made it past the title without shutting down your browser, ripping your computer off your desk, throwing it in a dumpster, and then setting said dumpster ablaze. I’m here to tell you why it’s a good thing that Loui Eriksson is going to see a whole lot more […]


Peter and Chris: A Love Story

In high school, I had a copy of Clerks on VHS. I loved that fucking movie. I watched it pretty much every night before I fell asleep. Subconsciously, I think it might be why I love Patrice Bergeron so much. The point is, as technology kept advancing, I was still clutching onto this outdated format, […]


A Symphony of (Broken) Wind…BRUINS LOSE.

I’ve really got nothing right now. One of these teams looked like they were fighting for its life, the other looked like a recycled bag of smashed assholes that got put through a meat grinder, made into sausage, sold in a cart on Causeway Street, eaten, washed down by 14 Natty Lights, and puked up […]