77. Florida Panthers at Boston Bruins. Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!

A regulation win tonight would be fucking huge. It would essentially put the screws to Florida’s playoff hopes as the Panthers would need to make up 6 points in 5 remaining games. Of course that means Boston will go up 2-1 and they’ll take their foot off of the pedal and lose in a shootout. […]


The Birth of the NWHL

The NWHL, the National Women’s Hockey League, is slated to kick off next year. The league will comprise of four teams: The New York Riveters Buffalo Beauts Boston Pride Connecticut Whale From the fantastically talented


Hey Idiots, You Can’t Tank With 9 Games Left.

The Bruins have purchased, received their license and driven the black and gold struggle bus into a barber pole striped wall. They now see themselves on the outside looking into the NHL playoffs as the Ottawa Senators strap on their rocket skates and zoom into 8th place. With nine games left on the schedule, Bruins […]


Dear Bruins: You Stink and I Don’t Like You.

Bonus points for whoever gets this reference.  I am pretty sure all of this is not factual at all, but I am really fucking frustrated with the Bruins so you’re getting a rant. Enjoy it. Don’t enjoy. I don’t care. Last night was probably my tipping point on the Boston Bruins. I don’t think I […]


71. Boston Bruins at Ottawa Senators. Hamburglar?!

I’m sure I’ve used the phrase already but this is the biggest Bruins game to date. The Senators are currently four points back after the Bruins shit their pants against the worst team in the NHL. This is going to be a very telling game for this Bruins team. I talked about it on Twitter […]


70. Buffalo Sabres at Boston Bruins. No Need For The Irish Luck Tonight.

Ah the Buffalo Sabres. The shit stains of the NHL. The Bruins and Sabres used to have a nice rivalry. It wasn’t anything to write home to Ma about. It wasn’t Bruins/Canadiens or Penguins/Flyers but it was fun. In the 2010 playoffs the #6 seed Boston Bruins rolled the #3 seeded Buffalo Sabres. The two […]


66. Boston Bruins at Ottawa Senators. Gonna Take A Ride Into The Playoff Zone

Jesus Christ. Actually, based on the comments from yesterday and this morning regarding Gregory Campbell I should use the correct term for Jesus Christ. Please let me start over. If you don’t want to click the link, here’s is a reenactment: Gregory Campbell! It seems like every Bruins game for the next month or so […]


63. Calgary Flames at Boston Bruins. Best Alternate Jerseys In The Business.

Imagine it. You’re going to the game tonight and you see the Boston Bruins exit the locker room wearing their yellow Pooh Bear jerseys. You’re excited to see such a magnificent jersey flowing as players shoot on Tuukka Rask. The Pooh Bear himself just smiling away, letting you know that everything is going to be […]


I Am Not Mad At You Max Talbot. I Swear.

You can go through my timeline when the Max Talbot trade occurred and you can more than likely pinpoint the precise moment when I lost my shit. It was somewhere around here: MAX TALBOT IS THE BIGGEST CHIARELLI DEAL OF ALL CHIARELLI DEALS — Abominable SnowPez (@PezDOY)


Jordan Caron Has Been Traded To Colorado For….Max Talbot?! WHAT?!

THIS MOVE MAKES NO FUCKING SENSE. I’ve been a big Caron guy but I get when a player isn’t going to be any good. So Peter fucking Chiarelli goes out there and trades for Maxim Talbot. Maxim Talbot, who makes $1.75M this season and next season. When the Bruins needed a top 4 defenseman and/or […]


Boston Bruins Trade For Brett Connolly From Tampa Bay

Early this morning, and we’re talking like 2am this morning, Peter Chiarelli and the Boston Bruins pulled off a trade that no one saw coming. The Bruins traded a 2015 second round pick and a 2016 second round pick to the Tampa Bay Lightning for upcoming restricted free agent Brett Connolly. The two picks the […]


The P.E.T.E.R System

A lot of NHL General Managers have system in which they make trades. Some like to lowball at first. Some like to accept the first offer given. Some GMs go as far as creating their own system. Through a very “National Treasure” type of hunt, DOY GM Patrice Purrgeron has uncovered that Peter Chiarelli has […]

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61. Boston Bruins at New Jersey Devils. LLAMAS AND DRESSES!

I have resigned myself that Chris Stewart is going to be a Boston Bruin. This is why I believe that: Moves have already been made before the deadline with players that could improve the Boston Bruins. – Andrej Sekera, Carolina’s top 4 defenseman, was traded to the Kings for a first round pick that is conditioned […]