11. Minnesota Wild at Boston Bruins. Zach Attack Is Back Jack!

Minnesota seems like one of those weird, sneaky teams. You don’t really hear about them because they’re Minnesota. Their jerseys look like Christmas is always on its period and outside of throwing Scrooge McDuck’s vaults of coins at Zach Parise they haven’t really done anything with their franchise. Most people hear about the Wild because […]


9. New York Islanders at Boston Bruins. No Blowies Here.

If you came here expecting Boychuk blowies and handjos I am sorry to disappoint you. You can find enough Boychuk-ness around the Internet today that you don’t need another woe-is-the-Bruins post. It is a fucking game day and like it or not Boychuk is now the opposition. NO. STOP IT. When they introduce Boychuk, I […]


8. San Jose Sharks at Boston Bruins. Danger: Splash Zone.

Warning: If you are in the first four rows above the glass you should wear a rain poncho in case Joe Thornton scores four goals and sprays you with his lil Joey Ts. The sad part is that is there’s a possibility that Thornton does score four goals tonight because Tuukka Rask has not had […]

Kevan Miller Out Indefinitely.

Kevan Miller is out indefinitely. Apparently he hurt his shoulder vs. Buffalo but I was at a wedding and didn’t watch it. Also I think Kevan Miller sucks so it doesn’t bother me. He will probably be replaced with the Bruins newest whipping boy Matt Bartkowski.


New Gagne West T-Shirt!

With Gagne West dropping some hot shit on DOY, we decided it was time to immortalize him in a t-shirt. The good folks at Beast from the Northeast came to us with a collaboration idea and thus it was born. The Gagne West t-shirts are going to be a very limited run so grab one as soon […]


6. Boston Bruins at Montreal Canadiens. Not Real Revenge.

You know what really says revenge to me? After getting embarrassed in the playoffs going into the person’s home arena and winning a regular season game. That is what revenge is to me. Not, say, eliminating them if you face them in the next playoff series. Nope. Defeating them in a regular season match-up! That […]


5. Boston Bruins at Detroit Red Wings

“Don’t worry Pez, it is only Game 5!” will more than likely be the reaction if the Bruins lose tonight. I feel much better after my game 4 preview ranting but it didn’t really solve anything in terms of how I feel about this team. It isn’t that the Bruins are a bad team or […]


Gagne West’s new joint “Goal Getter”

[Tuukka Rask] He scored some goals When they were in need Man he’s a sniping man indeed Oh he’s a goal getter, way over time Who scored on me (Peter gives him money) Now I aint saying he’s a goal getter (goals are in need) But he aint playin with no one else bitter (Peter gives […]


4. Colorado Avalanche at Boston Bruins. Are They Trying Yet?

Set to the tune of 1492. In the year fourteen of zero plus two, The Bruins started one and two. They were just slapped down in Washington, And the stench of losing followed them. They lost by day, they lost by night, Tuukka was burnt from the red goal light. They had no way to score […]


2. Boston Bruins at Detroit Red Wings. CARON IS BACK!

You can’t keep a good man down. Jordan Caron is back with the Boston Bruins and all is right with the world as I steer the Jordan Caron bandwagon into a massive group of Bruins fans holding pitchforks and torches. Caron was recalled from Providence today but that doesn’t mean he is playing. He could […]


1. Philadelphia Flyers at Boston Bruins. IT! BEGINS!

From the desk of Claude Giroux I… Was… Strollin ’round in Ottawa, My friend, she said, to follow her, I was swigging down some whiskey. I thought I saw a chum, I reached out and plucked his bum, But it turns out my chum was just a cop. The cop, he turned to me, Said […]


Johnny Boychuk Photoshop Eulogy—NO! I DON’T WANNA! I DON’T WANNA!

As is customary when the Bruins trade someone we murder Peter Chiarelli in his sleep we here at Days of Y’Orr say goodbye the only way we can: with photoshops. Johnny Boychuk was our second favorite Boston Bruins behind Shawn Thornton. We made no bones about it. If we were teenage girls we would probably […]


The Post Boychuk Defense

Yesterday the Bruins traded away arguably their second best defenseman in Johnny Boychuk, sending him to the New York Islanders for a slew of draft picks. It was an obvious cap dump that now puts the Boston defensive group in a bit of a shamble. Before Boychuk the Bruins had an established number one defenseman […]


Johnny Boychuk Traded. Someone Hold Me.

It is official. Johnny Boychuk has been traded to the New York Islanders for a 2015 2nd round pick, 2016 second round pick and a conditional 2016 3rd round pick. It isn’t know what the condition is but I would have to guess it has to do with re-signing in New York. We all knew […]