“Asante sana Squash banana, wewe nugu mimi hapana”

The loss to the Florida Panthers was devastating to Bruins captain Zdeno Chara. Nothing seemed to make sense anymore. The team he once knew, the team he once hoisted a Stanley Cup with, was gone. While some of the players remained, their spirit has changed. The fight they once had, punched out. Their fire, exhausted. […]


81. Boston Bruins at Florida Panthers. Line Abominations Ahoy?

Is Claude Julien going to mismatch these lines so much they resemble the “leftovers” bin at the abortion clinic? For a team that was really clicking before last night’s game, Claude panicked. There’s nothing you could really say to justify why Claude changed the lines as drastically as he did, including breaking up his best […]


80. Boston Bruins at Washington Holtbys.

The Bruins cannot solve the Braden Holtby. On March 15, in Washington, Holtby shut the Bruins out. You can make the case that the Bruins were playing their third game in four days, but that isn’t the only time Holtby has shut these guys out. Earlier this season, in October, Holtby shut the Bruins out […]


Trading Marc Savard And Why It Makes Sense.

“Money for nothin’ and chicks for free.”  Ah Dire Straits, never become irrelevant. From Nichols On Hockey: Elliotte Friedman was on Calgary’s Sportsnet 960 on Monday morning. On the Boston Bruins: “One of the things they’re looking at is trading Marc Savard. Now, for those of you who are unfamiliar, Marc Savard is never going […]


78. Boston Bruins at Detroit Red Wings. Wait, 3rd in the Atlantic?

Looks at title. Looks at standings. Holy shit it is actually possible. If the Bruins win in regulation tonight they will have the same point total and ROW as the Red Wings. So what’s that mean? That means the league then looks at the total number of points earned between the two teams in their matchup. If […]


Dougie Hamilton Has Broken Ribs per Celtics’ Kelly Olynyk

So last night Celtics’ center and my basketball mancrush Kelly Olynyk accidentally disclosed that Dougie Hamilton has broken ribs. Here’s where the hypocrisy of the Boston media comes into play. Stanley Cup of Chowder’s Paul Wheeler wrote an amazing piece on the NHL using media as a weapon. It hit home so precisely that CSNNE’s […]


77. Florida Panthers at Boston Bruins. Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!

A regulation win tonight would be fucking huge. It would essentially put the screws to Florida’s playoff hopes as the Panthers would need to make up 6 points in 5 remaining games. Of course that means Boston will go up 2-1 and they’ll take their foot off of the pedal and lose in a shootout. […]


The Birth of the NWHL

The NWHL, the National Women’s Hockey League, is slated to kick off next year. The league will comprise of four teams: The New York Riveters Buffalo Beauts Boston Pride Connecticut Whale From the fantastically talented


Hey Idiots, You Can’t Tank With 9 Games Left.

The Bruins have purchased, received their license and driven the black and gold struggle bus into a barber pole striped wall. They now see themselves on the outside looking into the NHL playoffs as the Ottawa Senators strap on their rocket skates and zoom into 8th place. With nine games left on the schedule, Bruins […]


Dear Bruins: You Stink and I Don’t Like You.

Bonus points for whoever gets this reference.  I am pretty sure all of this is not factual at all, but I am really fucking frustrated with the Bruins so you’re getting a rant. Enjoy it. Don’t enjoy. I don’t care. Last night was probably my tipping point on the Boston Bruins. I don’t think I […]


71. Boston Bruins at Ottawa Senators. Hamburglar?!

I’m sure I’ve used the phrase already but this is the biggest Bruins game to date. The Senators are currently four points back after the Bruins shit their pants against the worst team in the NHL. This is going to be a very telling game for this Bruins team. I talked about it on Twitter […]