58. Canadiens vs Bruins. The Real Test

It’s a home game. Second day of a back to back Against the Montreal Canadiens… Have fans gotten down on bended knee and started praising Butch Cassidy as Boston’s savior yet? I’ll give credit where it’s due.  The Sharks are a good team.  Vancouver isn’t, but a win is a win.  Lets face it though, […]


55. Maple Leafs at Bruins: Like…Do Your Job and Stuff

No, that isn’t (just) a Patriots reference: I don’t disagree on principle, but you also have to do your job well.  Lately the Bruins have been struggling to break out of mediocrity. Are there must win games in February? Yes, this is one of them.  Pez talked about this on The Optional Skate, but in case […]


54. Bruins at Capitals: Washington? More like Washing-TON…Of Points!

Big win last night! Why you ask? Because at this point, I consider almost every win a big win. The Bruins are just barely beating off Toronto and Florida for a playoff spot and- Uhg, forget it, moving forward. Eventually, the Bruins will have a reasonable schedule.  Their “bye week” is coming up soon and […]


49. Blackhawks At Bruins: Looking For Optimism? Keep Looking

Really, what is left to say at this point?  The effort against the Islanders was inexcusable.  The loss against Detroit after having two 3 goal leads was worse.  I’ve heard excuses ranging from schedule, to coaching, to talent, to effort and so on.  The truth probably lays somewhere in the middle of all that: -The Bruins […]


43. Bruins At Hurricanes. Gotta Get Those Points

Hope everyone in the Boston area is shoveled out after our first major snow this year. I have to say, as much as I hate the position that the Bruins are in, I love the suspense of being potentially 3 places out of a playoff spot, to being in the second playoff spot in the […]


42. Bruins at Panthers: Whoaaa We’re Halfway There

And you better fucking believe we’re living on a prayer. If you’re a listener of our podcast: The Optional Skate (and why wouldn’t you be, we’re hilarious), then you may remember that early on, we were talking about goals for this season.  Mine was simple: Make. The. Damn. Playoffs.  I also said this with the caveat that I […]


Psh. 13 Is An Unlucky Number Anyways. BRUINS LOSE!

Well.  That happened. I wasn’t ready for this game.  My stomach and liver are still recovering from the holidays, and some jerk blew dust in my eyes immediately after I heard about Carrie Fisher.  Obviously the Bruins were going through some similar issues, if not then they obviously did not show up to play early against […]


36. Bruins At Hurricanes. SO MUCH WRAPPING TO DO

Yeah, if you’re anything like me and celebrate any gift-giving holiday around this time of year, then you either still need to go shopping, do wrapping, or both.  If you’re nothing like me and have finished all of that shit… Ahem… anyways, the Bruins have a quick turnaround after a solid win last night and […]


A Happy Life Day To All. BRUINS WIN!

I was torn tonight.  On one hand, Bruins were on, Vatrano was playing, and Boston had the chance to either gain a little ground on Florida, or fall out of a playoff spot.  On the other hand, I just found the USB drive I have with a copy of the Star Wars Holiday Special, and […]


34. Islanders at Bruins. Trust The Gorton’s Fisherman

Oh Islanders, what happened to you? After a rough stretch, you were heading in the right direction.  You drafted a stud in Little Johnny Tavares, had three playoff appearances in four years, made it to the 2nd round last year. Now? Woof. That is some unsavory company you’re keeping there Islanders.  Your mother and I […]


29. Toronto at Boston. Leafs In The Gutters

I am so disgusted with this Bruins organization right now. From the coaching, to the players, right down to the guys who have to clean up the spoked B in the locker room after Jimmy Hayes finishes shitting all over it, they’re all accountable.  Don’t get me wrong, I expected this season to be a […]


27: Boston Bruins at Washington Capitals. Impotent PPs

“I’m going to paint my dick like the Washington Monument then come back and say “i’ll show you a capital idea” -@JonFDOY Well with an introduction like that, the rest of this preview can only be disappointing, so lets get it over with. There have been a number of surprising twists and turns to the […]


23. Bruins at Flyers- New Pokemon Game, Still No Charazard.

Anyone else not sure what to make of this team? Loses to both Calgary and Ottawa, then a solid thrashing of a Stamkos-less but skilled Tampa team.   Tonight they’re going against one of their fellow teams from the magical PrayingForAWildCardSpotLand. Bruins and Flyers are almost polar opposites from each other.  If Marchand and Pastrnak aren’t on […]


GameDay Preview 16: Kick’em Right In The Rocky Mountain Oysters

Those are bull testicles, in case you didn’t know. Happy Sunday!  5 games in seven days, isn’t this fun??  Last night the Bruins predictably beat the Coyotes, read all about it here. As was mentioned in yesterday’s preview, the Avalanche aren’t what you would call one of the elite teams in the league right now.  They […]