23. Bruins at Flyers- New Pokemon Game, Still No Charazard.

Anyone else not sure what to make of this team? Loses to both Calgary and Ottawa, then a solid thrashing of a Stamkos-less but skilled Tampa team.   Tonight they’re going against one of their fellow teams from the magical PrayingForAWildCardSpotLand. Bruins and Flyers are almost polar opposites from each other.  If Marchand and Pastrnak aren’t on […]


GameDay Preview 16: Kick’em Right In The Rocky Mountain Oysters

Those are bull testicles, in case you didn’t know. Happy Sunday!  5 games in seven days, isn’t this fun??  Last night the Bruins predictably beat the Coyotes, read all about it here. As was mentioned in yesterday’s preview, the Avalanche aren’t what you would call one of the elite teams in the league right now.  They […]


GameDay Preview 15: Desert or Dessert?

Bruins go all Bear Grylls (get it?!?! BEAR!!) tonight and head to the harsh desert to take on the Phoenix Arizona Coyotes.  The arid wasteland in Arizona is a perfect fit for a team that manages to be in last place in a division that also has Calgary AND Vancouver.  ‘Member when people thought Phoenix Arizona was going  to be […]

GameDay Preview 11. Ranger Danger

UHG…YOU AGAIN! It was only 10 days ago when the Rangers took their turn plowing on the nickel hooker that was the back of the Bruins’ net, which rounded out a nice little losing streak for our heroes in black and gold.  Since then, the Bruins have played in three divisional games and won them all. […]


GameDay Preview 8. First Game of Our Low-Carb, No Pasta Diet.

Let me guess… We have a divisional game tonight? -Yep Could too many early divisional losses have seeding implications down the line? -Most Likely Detroit is shattering expectations so far (well…at least mine, but then again I thought Florida was going to leading the division).  They’re 2nd in the division, coming in with 12 points in […]


Gameday Preview 6: Where the Wild Players Are.

After losing to a Montreal team that is so far in the Bruins’ collective heads that they might as well be grey matter, the Bs are taking on the Minnesota Wild tonight. If you ask NBC on a Wednesday night, this could be considered a rivalry game.  Seriously, that happened once.  Thankfully, that’s not the case. If […]

The Eastern Conference Finals Drinking Game

As we wait in anticipation for the Eastern Conference Finals to start, we're "treated" to a history lession of these two teams by reporters, commentators, and the unwashed masses on social media.  Granted, there is quite a bit of history there, both old and recent.  Only problem is, it's already been shoved in our faces […]

Sponsor a Beard, Help a Victim!

Hi, I'm Robb.  You may remember me from Twitter, DOYLive, or the fact that I actually used to post like…a year ago.  I wasn't going to participate in this year's Beard-a-thon, but the Bruins button-hooked me into it by donating to One Fund Boston.   Therefore I stand before you, humbling asking that you donate […]

Video: Shawn Thornton’s Hockey Resurrection Party Interview

The massive amounts of hetero man-love we hold for Shawn Thornton is known far and wide across the land, and a big reason is that his interviews are always classic.  The interview he gave at the Hockey Ressurection Party last night was no exception. We hoped to have this up earlier, but Youtube was being […]

Those Crafty Canadiens Are Trying To End The Lockout Themselves

Ok, maybe our rivals to the north aren’t ALL bad *ducks incoming thrown objects*.  My coworker just informed me about this article on ESPN.   The short of it is, some members of the Canadiens are trying to appeal to the Quebec Labour Board to prevent the work stoppage.  The NHLPA is not recognized as a […]

Congratulations to the L.A Kings

It’s no secret that once the Bruins were eliminated, most of DOY were pulling for the Kings to be the ones that we needed to forfeit the Cup to.  Be sure to visit The Royal Half throughout the offseason, I’m sure there will be lots of good content…and gloating Congratulations guys, if it couldn’t be us, I’m […]

Eastern Conference Quarter Finals Game 7: Capitals at Bruins. The Deciding Battle

Game 7s…they’re enough to turn my playoff beard white, but god help me I love them. Who knew we’d find ourselves here though? Given Washington’s lackluster season and third string goalie, most people assumed this would be wrapped up in five or six games. Instead this series has been harder than scaling the Aggro Craig. […]

2012 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals Game 5: Capitals at Bruins. Series tied 2-2.

This could have been a day where we could wrap up the series, but noooooooo.  The Bruin’s offense had to become more anorexic than a high school girl with low self esteem.  Now the series is tied 2-2 and we’ve pretty much entered “must win” territory for every game going forward. Usually this makes for […]