2012 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals Game 5: Capitals at Bruins. Series tied 2-2.

This could have been a day where we could wrap up the series, but noooooooo.  The Bruin’s offense had to become more anorexic than a high school girl with low self esteem.  Now the series is tied 2-2 and we’ve pretty much entered “must win” territory for every game going forward. Usually this makes for […]

Bruins vs Capitals Game 4 Chat Feed

Come on by tonight at gametime to celebrate Days of Y’Orr’s birthday with us in another live chat.  Once again we’ll be using the Livefyre comments section on this post.  It was so much fun last time, how could we not doing it again? Puck drop is at 7:30, so that’s around what time we’ll […]

Shanahammer Is In Full Effect. Suspensions For Everyone!

After being pretty damn conservative with the suspensions for quite a while, ol’ Shanny whipped out his trusty Shannahammer and went to work last night.  But first, lets go back a week to Game one of the Predators/Red Wings match up. Not a suspension, which still baffles my mind, but whatever, that dead horse has […]

Bruins vs Capitals Game 3 Chat Feed.

Hey guys, TeamDOY is hosting another chat for tonight’s game.  This game isn’t on a Saturday afternoon, so hopefully we can have more than 2 people this time! Same deal as before, we’re going to rip off The Pensblog and be using the LiveFyre comments sections and just treating that as a chat room.  Much […]

2012 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals Game 3: Bruins at Capitals. Series tied 1-1.

The Bruins travel to our nation’s capital tied with the…err…Capitals 1-1 in the series.  Kinda frustrating, and not because they lost on Saturday, I didn’t expect them to sweep, but because they’re locked in a goaltender duel WITH WASHINGTON’S 3RD STRING GOALTENDER!!!  Props to Holtby for doing well I guess, but the kid must’ve been […]

2012 Quarterfinals Game 1 Preview: Washington at Boston

Best of mornings to all the Bruins fans out there, after what seems like the break of the season, the playoffs have finally arrived.  This is truly a magical time of year.  The playoff beards are starting to bloom, the hate is flowing like a rushing river, and somewhere Edmonton, Islanders, and Toronto fans are […]

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

THE STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS ARE HERE!!!! THEY’RE FINALLY HERE!!!!  Looks like the Bruins will be taking on our nation’s capital, oh how Tim Thomas must be torn right now.  Not exactly the match-up we were expecting, but we’ll welcome any chance to bring the hate to Ovechkin. Apparently NHL Network will be announcing the Quarterfinal’s […]

80. Penguins vs Bruins. Sprint To The Finish

Guess who’s back, back again. Pens are back, tell a friend.  I’m back too, once again I must give a huge shout out to the DOY family for picking up my slack while I deal with shit.   Bruins and Penguins meet up for the 4th and final time tonight.  Despite having locked up their […]

The Times Are Changing

It’s the end of the conference as we know it, and we feel fiiiiiiiine. With Winnipeg back, we knew change was coming eventually, tonight the NHL announced that they are switching formats to a four conference league.  The Northeast Division pretty much stays in tact except for a two new additions: Photo courtesy of Puck […]

Game Day 22 Preview: vs. Winnipeg Thrashers

Oh Winnipeg…you poor, diluted souls.  Only now have you begun to let go over the past and realize that you got stuck with the Atlanta Thrashers.  Moving the team to a colder area doesn’t make them a better hockey team, only makes more people sad when they lose. Bruins have changed their 10 game “win […]

Black Friday Match Up: Bruins vs Red Wings

Happy Black Friday! Anyone who is out shopping today is a brave, insane fool.  Quick preview today as half of us are heading into the game today, and the other half of us are in a turkey coma. Bruins take on the Red Wings today, get used to seeing them, they could end up being […]

Movember Rain: Week Four

For those who don’t know, I’ve teamed up with Chris over at Gahden Gremlins for the month of Movember to help save the prostates, penises, and balls of the world.  In all serious though, Movember is a great movement. For anyone who is interested in donating, you can do so here What? No “Week Three”? Well if […]

Game 19 Preview: Bruins vs. Canadiens

Amidst the Patriots game tonight and Sidney Crosby’s return, this game is probably going to get a little lost in the shuffle, which is sad because this has all the makings of an epic game.  First of all…It’s a Bruins/Canadiens match up.  Secondly, the last two times these two teams faced off, it wasn’t pretty…in […]

Game 16 Preview: It’s a Jersey Thing

It’s a good time to be a Bruins fan.  The team is on a 5 win streak, averaging 6 goals a game so far this month, and Lucic avoided suspension.  Meanwhile, it’s a terrible time to be a Devils fan because your state is most well known for the worst TV show ever.  A good […]

Does Marc Savard Have a Twin?

DOY reader Will sent an email to use with some hilarious, though disturbing, photoshops of a possible Marc Savard doppelganger.  Who is this mystery person, you ask? It’s me…oh boy! Though, I think if I shaved my head I could see it. We’ll let you guys be the judge! Could I pass for Savy’s double? […]