Game 7 Preview: Bruins vs. Leafs

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been shaking your head since last Tuesday and in dire need of seeing something from the Bruins to keep from throwing yourself, or someone else, off the Tobin.  But that was last game, time to look forward, but if you’re a masochist and wish to relive that awful game, […]

Game 6 Recap: WTF Did We Just Watch?

Sorry everyone, but before getting into the recap, there is a little matter of retribution for a crack Justin made in the preview…plus I need to get out some anger over that game What a god damn joke this game was, thank god I took notes during the game, otherwise all I would remember about […]

Game Day 4 Preview: Bruins vs Hurricanes

Bruins kick off their first road trip of the season in Carolina, home of the once coveted, now hatred Tomas Kaberle.  As poorly as the season may have started for the Bruins (on the score sheet anyways), it’s worse for the Canes, who don’t even have a win yet.  It’s a good thing too, because […]

Game Day Preview: IT HAS BEGUN!!

Damn, this has been both the shortest and longest off season on the DOY crew’s lifetimes.  Oh sure, we found ways to pass the time (mostly by continuing the mock Vancouver and scoffing at the Stanley Cup hangover), but at long last… The Philly team is going to have a different look to it than […]

A Look At The 2011-2012 Ottawa Senators

Didn’t make that picture, but god, I wish we had!Oh Senators, I almost don’t even want to write this article.  It’s hard to hate on a team where half its players are unknowns, I even feel bad for their AHL team, whose locker room must look kinda like this right now: Last Season:   Lets […]

Preseason Game 5 Recap: Bruins Somehow Lose

Welp, on paper, the Bruins were by far the better team, and in preseason that’s not nothing.  These are the types of things you hope the Bruins get out of the way in preseason, but how many times did we see this last year? Ineffectual power play, dominant play in the zone, but can’t score, […]

VIDEO: Bruins 2011-2012 Season Preview

Holy shit, only 8 days left until the regular season starts. Not that anyone needs any help in getting pumped for the season, but we put together a little preview video to whet your appetites in the meantime.Enjoy!

Preseason Game 3 Preview: Bruins vs. Habs.

So we missed on last game’s recap, but in our defense, we were busy planning an assault on the Bruins’ Fan Relations offices in an attempted to get our god damn season tickets that still have yet to be delivered!! Well here’s your recap, we promise that we’ll start caring more once the regular season […]

The Sean Avery Redemption

There’s very little love for Sean Avery across the NHL and its fans, and no where is he more hated than the Days of Y’Orr office.  No explanation needed, the guy’s just a giant douche, end of story.  So when we heard that he was arrested last Friday for assaulting a police officer, we couldn’t […]

NHL Facebook: Reactions to the Chara Investigation

Social Media is a wonderful thing.  Almost everybody follows at least one athlete or former athlete on Twitter, but facebook is a little more exclusive.  Not just anyone can become a friend their favorite athlete on facebook, most don’t even know that they are on facebook. Luckly, the Days of Y’Orr crew isn’t just anybody. […]

Timmy Wins the Vezina, No One is Suprised

Two Vezinas, a Conn Smyth, and a Stanley Cup.  Thomas is going to need a bigger trophy shelf. Too bad that everyone watching the NHL Awards Ceremony lost a piece of their soul while Thomas was winning awards! Honestly, I want to say that Jay Mohr ruined it for me, but he didn’t.  Don’t get […]

Video: Bruins Fans Show Respect For The Garden, Kinda

As you no doubt know by now, we like to hang around outside the Garden before games to hold up signs and crack wise at any opposing team’s fan that doesn’t have the good sense to avoid us.  Game 6 was no different. This time however, DOY and company found a rally towel that didn’t […]

Game Day Preview: The Tide Turner

I think by the time you are in the Finals, every game is a must win, but words can not describe the importance of a Game 5 with the series tied at 2-2.  The team that wins tonight will be playing for the Stanley Cup on Monday with momentum on their side.  Bruins win, then […]

Days of Y’Orr Game 4 Rally

Thanks to Stephanie Ann for the picture!We had so much fun hanging out with the Bruins fans and heckling Canucks fans that we’re doing it again today! Be on the lookout for us by the Orr statue holding up signs, handing out flyers, and being awesome.  We should be there between 5:30 and 7:30ish, at […]