Denis Lemieux’s Take on Recent Bruins Injuries, Penalty Non-Calls

  The Bruins injury situation is off the rails right now. Let's go down the current list: Johnny Boychuk Adam McQuaid Dougie Hamilton Loui Eriksson Chris Kelly It's gotten so bad that the Bruins are opting for a new pre-game intro song… Brad Marchand and Kevan Miller got lucky and weren't injured in their […]

Broken Ankle for Chris Kelly, Compliments of Pascal Dupuis

  The body count for last night's Bruins-Pens game continues to climb. Chris Kelly disappeared from the game in the second period with a lower body injury. And now TSN is reporting that it's a broken ankle for cageface. Bruins forward Chris Kelly suffered broken ankle from Dupuis slash last night. Quite a game. — […]

Ugly game is ugly. BRUINS WIN!

Tuukka Rask said it best:  Rask on Bruins/Pens: "Seems like every game turns to a shit-show." — Ty Anderson (@_TyAnderson)


Boychuk flies back to Boston… but not on a plane

Losing to the Habs always sucks, but seeing Johnny Boychuk is 100x worse. Beside being a great human being with dreamy eyes, he's a beast on the blue line, and can take hits that would make other men's bones crumble to dust. So when you see him laying on the ice being put on a […]

Boychuk Hurt, Habs Win. BRUINS DOUBLE LOSE!

 Only thing we're really thinking about right now is Johnny Boychuk's health, as a player sure, but more importantly as a person. Johnny Boychuk is one of the toughest bastards in the NHL. When the Bruins won the Cup in 2011 Boychuk opened a beer bottle with his teeth. In the video clip you can […]

Filthadelphia – The Flyers Suck

I'm sick of always using the "Big Five" in NHL 14. For those that don't play the game, those teams consist of the Bruins, Blackhawks, Penguins, Blues and Sharks. Those are the teams at everyone uses and for the most part it is concentrated around Chicago. So to add some diversity, I'm going to start changing it […]

RECAP: Bruins Sucked. The End. Bruins Lose.

Yesterday was one of those games you just want to forget about. Yikes. We blame it on the lack of Shawn Thornton in last night's game. Da fuq? Hope they're shopping Caron.

25. Boston Bruins at Detroit Red Wings. Pluck Those Wings Before You Cook ‘Em

The Bruins head to Detroit to hopefully feast on some tender goaltending as Jonas Gustavsson has been named the starter for the Red Wings. It seems that Boston has caught a break, with Pavel Datsyuk and Todd Bertuzzi in a tryptophan coma and not playing in tonight's game. Okay, maybe they didn't overindulge on delicious turkey, […]

krUgSA! krUgSA! krUgSA! krUgSA! BRUINS WIN!

Holy shit, what a game. I thought that the Bruins/Pens in October couldn't be topped and yet here we are. These two teams once again battled hard and this time it was the Bruins who left the arena with two points. It took a miracle goal from Sidney Crosby to get the game into overtime […]

Bylsma: Torey Krug on Team USA’s radar

There's been a lot of speculation but now we have some confirmation. Dan Bylsma says Torey Krug is on Team USA's radar. Pittsburgh Penguins coach Dan Bylsma indicated Bruins defenseman Torey Krug is on the Team USA Olympic radar. Scouted him live & on video — Joe Haggerty (@HackswithHaggs)

Tuukka Tantrams. BRUINS LOSE.

Well that was an awesome game ruined by a shootout. That was probably the best overall game the Bruins played all season. Great, great game to watch. Lots of action. Lots of back and forth play. Too bad these two teams don't play more. Pretty much what you'd expect in a game between two conference […]

Bruins Blow But Rask Owns. BRUINS WIN!

Wow. What an undeserved victory. Bruins were outshot 44-22. They played lazy, uninspired hockey, yet they won. How you ask? Two words: Tuukka. Rask. Rask played his balls off yet again. Hands down team MVP so far this season. Bruins were lazy, Rask bailed them out yet again. If Rask gets injured this team will […]