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Malcolm Subban’s new pads just made a mess of my underpants

Even though we probably won’t be seeing them in action at the NHL level this year, Malcolm Subban’s new setup for the upcoming season still has me feeling quite a bit tingly in the man parts. His equipment is clearly ready for the big time, even if he’s not.


PHOTOSHOP EXPO: What Is Alex Ovechkin Showing Us?

Well, the dog days of summer are almost behind us – finally. With September rolling around comes multiple Facebook posts about pumpkin coffee, Sons of Anarchy, the brats going back to school and most important…hockey. So we’re going to kick this off with a fun little photoshop expo. This lovely image was tweeted to Adam of […]


Bruins Training Camp & Rookie Camp Roster, Schedule Announced

Ready for some hockey? The Boston Bruins just released their 2014 Training Camp and Rookie Camp roster and schedule. We’re one step closer to the season, which is great since Hockey Twitter during the summer is a shitshow and a half. BOSTON BRUINS ROOKIE CAMP ROSTER FORWARDS: Andrew Aamon*, Spencer Asuchak*, Anthony Camara, Mitchell Dempsey, […]


Torey Krug Potentially To The KHL? See Ya.

Okay, my shitty, Buzzfeed-esque click bait title is a little misleading. THAT’S RIGHT. ALL THE HITS. No seriously, it is a little misleading. Torey Krug isn’t going to the KHL, but there’s a rumor out there that a KHL team has sent a significant offer to Krug. From Joe Haggerty: A source with knowledge of […]

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[UPDATED] David Pastrnak Is Doing Disgusting Things Vs Canada

[UPDATE] Pastrnak scores his second – this one on a sick snipe, celly mad hand buckets bro. –Original– The Czech are playing Canada in their final U20 summer game. After a good rookie camp where most of the Boston media was putting David Pastrnak between Bobby Orr and Cam Neeley, Pastrnak continued to delight. This […]


Hate Us Cause You Aint Us – Everyone Hates The Bruins.

SBNation posted this bad boy this morning: Canada fucking hates the Bruins eh? From the post: Nine U.S. states hate the Bruins more than any other team, while every single Canadian province is united in their hatred of the B’s. That’s damn impressive. Meanwhile, North America collectively hates the Bruins more than anybody else, joining […]


DOY Fantasy Football IS BACK!

Welcome, welcome, welcome one and all. We are hitting that time of the year where cleats are being put on, touchdowns aren’t being celebrated by players and smacking the shit out of your wife will give you a slap on the wrist. That’s right bitches, DOY Fantasy Football 1 and 2 are back! All invites […]


Loui Eriksson Is Probably Your First Line RW. And That’s OK.

Are you still reading this? Good, you made it past the title without shutting down your browser, ripping your computer off your desk, throwing it in a dumpster, and then setting said dumpster ablaze. I’m here to tell you why it’s a good thing that Loui Eriksson is going to see a whole lot more […]


Bruins Sign All the Things

The Boston Bruins were busy this morning and afternoon with signing some of their minor FA guys. I wonder if Chia got a group discount for signing them all at the same time? Still waiting for the Bs to re-sign Reilly Smith and Torey Krug.


Peter and Chris: A Love Story

In high school, I had a copy of Clerks on VHS. I loved that fucking movie. I watched it pretty much every night before I fell asleep. Subconsciously, I think it might be why I love Patrice Bergeron so much. The point is, as technology kept advancing, I was still clutching onto this outdated format, […]


In Defense of Jordan Caron

Okay, I am wearing my flame retardant clothes today because this is going to be a subject that is so sore you’d think it was hanging off of Tyler Seguin’s upper lip. Renaud Lavoie from RDS tweeted this out today: Bruins signed Jordan Caron. 1 year at $600 000. One way contract.

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David Pastrnak Scouting Report

Big up to AlfredosSauce on the Bruins subreddit for showing me this: OHL Prospect Review 10. Belleville Bulls – David Pastrnak – Forward The Bulls opted to take Pastrnak, a Czech forward (playing in Sweden) who the Bruins took 25th overall at the 2014 NHL draft. The stocky winger had success at the U-18′s and […]