Rask is So Filthy He Gave Us Tuukka Rash. BRUINS WIN!

It’s that wonderful time of year. There’s a slight chill in the October air. The sound of skates scraping on ice fills your ear holes. The Edmonton Oilers begin their annual push for the first overall pick in the draft. The Buffalo Sabres begin their annual quest to do anything of any relevance but inevitably […]


1. Philadelphia Flyers at Boston Bruins. IT! BEGINS!

From the desk of Claude Giroux I… Was… Strollin ’round in Ottawa, My friend, she said, to follow her, I was swigging down some whiskey. I thought I saw a chum, I reached out and plucked his bum, But it turns out my chum was just a cop. The cop, he turned to me, Said […]

Bruins Brass

Spooner, Robins, Fraser staying in Boston; Pastrnak to Providence

Some more Bruins player news, starting off with who is and isn’t staying in Boston. First off, who’s staying: This is bittersweet as we’re stoked that Spooner is sticking with the Bs and Fraser has some promise, too. But Robins on the team makes us sad. Nothing like having a 30+ year-old-rookie with slightly more […]

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Matchups with Habs highlight Bruins top priced games of 2014-15

Like any other year in recent history, the Boston Bruins are entering the 2014-15 season with high expectations, and with good reason. The Bruins have finished in the top three in the Eastern Conference standings in each of the past three seasons, and have played in the Stanley Cup Final twice in the past four […]


Johnny Boychuk Photoshop Eulogy—NO! I DON’T WANNA! I DON’T WANNA!

As is customary when the Bruins trade someone we murder Peter Chiarelli in his sleep we here at Days of Y’Orr say goodbye the only way we can: with photoshops. Johnny Boychuk was our second favorite Boston Bruins behind Shawn Thornton. We made no bones about it. If we were teenage girls we would probably […]


The Post Boychuk Defense

Yesterday the Bruins traded away arguably their second best defenseman in Johnny Boychuk, sending him to the New York Islanders for a slew of draft picks. It was an obvious cap dump that now puts the Boston defensive group in a bit of a shamble. Before Boychuk the Bruins had an established number one defenseman […]


Johnny Boychuk Traded. Someone Hold Me.

It is official. Johnny Boychuk has been traded to the New York Islanders for a 2015 2nd round pick, 2016 second round pick and a conditional 2016 3rd round pick. It isn’t know what the condition is but I would have to guess it has to do with re-signing in New York. We all knew […]

Caron, Cunningham, Warsofsky On Waivers

I guess you can all rejoice because Jordan Caron has been put on waivers. For some reason the most hated player not named Zach Hamil has been sent out to pasture.

The Bobby Robins era in Boston is still alive and well.


P5. Boston Bruins at New York Islanders. So Close To The Real Thing

There are two pre-season games left in the queue before shit gets real. Tonight the Bruins will play the Islanders in a quasi re-match from their game a few nights ago where New York won 5-3 in Boston. Luckily for the black and gold they don’t have to travel to the Human Centipede of hockey arenas […]


I am Peter, Peter I-Am.

Editor’s Note: This post was wonderfully written by Breanne Mellen. You can find more of Breanne’s wonderful hockey writing at The Hockey Writers, the wonderful Along the Boards and Arctic Ice Hockey.   I am PeterPeter-I -AmThat Peter-I-amThat Peter-I-amI do not like that Peter-I-AmBut do you like that Robins man?I do not like him Peter-I-Am, I do not […]


Spooner Sent To Providence

Welp, here goes nothing: Florek, Spooner, Koko, Smith (subject to waivers) sent to Providence, per


Good Marchand, Bad Marchand. Bruins Lose.

Bruins hockey? On an actual television? Jack Edwards? Dale Arnold?   The game got off to a quick start with lots of opportunities for Carl Söderberg. The NHL game is really starting to click for him, and the possibility of seeing him abuse inferior third lines all season long is a serious pants-tightening situation.   Bobby Robins […]


Bruins Sign Torey Krug and Reilly Smith. There was much rejoicing!

You woke up this morning and read the news about Torey Krug and Reilly Smith. They’ve signed you guys! If you didn’t already perform your regular morning masturbatory session before the news, you certainly did after. But seriously, this is great news. Both signed bridge deals at 1 year, $1.4M a piece. I am surprised […]