Montreal Is Such A Turd Farm. BRUINS LOSE.

Tonight the Bruins lost 3-2 to the Montreal Canadiens but more importantly how are you all holding up? Are you all doing okay? Are you drunk yet? I sincerely hope you’re all okay at the end of this election night. I really really do. But, alas, we have hockey to talk about so let’s get to […]


13. Boston Bruins at Montreal Canadiens. GO OUT AND VOTE!

I actually hate the phrase “Make _ _ Great Again”, but holy shit if this isn’t perfect, I don’t know what is. Support Days of Y’Orr on patreon.    PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT! Before I actually get into the sweet, sweet hockey takes – I want to urge all of our American readers who are registered […]


Buffalo: The Gift That Keeps On Giving. BRUINS WIN.

Regular readers of DOY know how much we loathe Buffalo, so a dominant win like this against those chumps feels extra, extra good. Not only did the Bruins win at home, they scored MULTIPLE power play goals. It truly is the end of times. After an embarrassing loss to the Rangers, the Bruins knew some […]


12: Sabres @ Bruins. Broken Home by Papa Roach

Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but the Bruins are atrocious at the TD Garden. After posting a 17-18-6 record at home last year, they’ve started this season at a blistering 1-3-0 pace. Things are so bad at home DCF needs to be called in to remove the kids for their own safety.   The […]

GameDay Preview 11. Ranger Danger

UHG…YOU AGAIN! It was only 10 days ago when the Rangers took their turn plowing on the nickel hooker that was the back of the Bruins’ net, which rounded out a nice little losing streak for our heroes in black and gold.  Since then, the Bruins have played in three divisional games and won them all. […]


Wait, Jimmy Hayes Did It?! BRUINS WIN!

Tampa Bay hasn’t had the start to the season they’ve wanted, but we all know how good they are. They are the class of the Eastern Conference. They are what other teams wish they were: deep at forward, defense and in goal. If the Bruins lost this game, you wouldn’t even be that disappointed. Tampa […]


10: Bruins @ Lightning. Let’s Talk About Rask, Baby.

Before we get started, let’s get one thing clear. The Tampa Bay Lightning are going to win the Stanley Cup this year. Top to bottom, they are the most complete team in the league and can beat you in so many ways. They have serious depth up front, an incredible blue line, a goaltending tandem most […]


Trade Tuukka? Trade Carlo? Bitch plz. BRUINS WIN!

Goddammit Tuukka Rask. How are we supposed to take these idiots seriously when they talk about trading you when you go out and do what you did again tonight? Think of their feelings, dear Tuukka. Their poor little sad hearts must just ache when they see you make glorious saves as you did this evening. […]


9. Boston Bruins at Florida Panthers. The Florida Trip Beings!

Ah, the Florida trip. In previous years the Florida trip consisted of an automatic win and a really tough game against Tampa. Those days are seemingly gone after the Florida Panthers loaded up this offseason. In some weird twist of events, it is actually Roberto Luongo who may be Florida’s best player to start the […]

Rask Rap Battle


Tonight the Bruins welcomed back Tuukka Rask and won a game. They also ended some sort of winning streak that the Red Wings were on (I think?) so that’s even better really. This game was such a long, dull slog you guys. We went almost two whole periods without a single goal and then after […]


GameDay Preview 8. First Game of Our Low-Carb, No Pasta Diet.

Let me guess… We have a divisional game tonight? -Yep Could too many early divisional losses have seeding implications down the line? -Most Likely Detroit is shattering expectations so far (well…at least mine, but then again I thought Florida was going to leading the division).  They’re 2nd in the division, coming in with 12 points in […]

precious angel child


As of this morning, Precious Angel Child David Pastrnak has been suspended for two games by the Department of Player Safety.   Boston’s David Pastrnak suspended two games for an illegal check to the head on NY Rangers’ Dan Girardi. — NHL Player Safety (@NHLPlayerSafety)


Bruins Fans The Sky Is Not Falling…Yet

The past three games have been abysmal. I think we can all agree that the Boston Bruins we’ve watched for the past six days has played some of the worst hockey that a team can play. They’ve been beat in almost every aspect of hockey that one can think of, but I’m here to tell […]

new york rangersice

7. Bruins at Rangers. Everything Feels Bad…

Have we all washed the taste of that ugly defeat last night out of our mouths yet? No? Okay. I mean, today is a new day and tonight is a new game and the Bruins are in New York to take on the Rangers and…. Oh, who am I kidding? This team right now is […]