Tuukka Rask Wants You To Choose His New Gear

Much like last year, Tuukka Rask wants you to choose his new pads or the upcoming season. You can do this by checking out the Vaughn Facebook page and voting in their post.   Basically choose C because goalie pads these days are so fucking boring. Big up to InGoal Magazine and Boston Sports then […]


RIP Ristuccia Arena. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Bruins have officially announced that they will be building a new practice facility in the Allston/Brighton area. This announcement means that the Bruins will be leaving Ristuccia Arena, where they’ve practiced since 1987-88. The construction for the new practice facility should be finished in the fall of 2016. Seriously, this is offseason news. Is […]


Matt Bartkowski Heading To Arbitration

Mick Colageo of Rink Rap wrote about Matt Bartkowski’s upcoming arbitration hearing: The rules are basically that the player and team can negotiate right up in time of the scheduled hearing (which would fall between July 20 and Aug. 6), so most cases are avoided at the doorway to the hearing. It avoids all the […]


Farewell Chocobear. Our favorite Jarome Iginla Photoshops.

Well, I guess it is time for the tribute I never wanted to do. On July 1st, Jarome Iginla signed a 3 year, $16M contract with the Colorado Avalanche – ending his tenure with the Boston Bruins. Fuck, lets get it over with.    


“Hi I’m Chad Johnson” Tribute: Our Favorite Johnson Photoshops

It has become a tradition around here that when a player is not re-signed or is traded in the offseason we have a little photoshop vigil in their honor to say thank you. Honestly, I never thought “Hi, I’m Chad Johnson” would take off, but here we are. Who knew a throw away line where […]


Marc Savard, LTIR and the Salary Cap: What It All Means.

I know Savard’s LTIR status is brought up a lot, so here we go. Before Free Agency starts in about 45 minutes, lets talk about Savard’s LTIR money. Teams who have LTIR candidates (Boston, Philly) DO NOT get IR cap relief in the summer, but those teams are given a 10% overage allowance to spend […]


NHL Free Agency Starts At Noon Today! Follow Our Live Blog Here!

[12:19pm] – Chad Johnson officially signs with the New York Islanders for 2 years, $2.6M We’ve gone over the expectations for this off-season and why they should be low. We’ve played Armchair GM. Now it is time for us to stop playing hypothetical and see if Peter Chiarelli can work some magic. He’s already qualified […]

Worst. News. Ever.

Agent Kent Hughes confirms Bruins have sent a qualifying offer to Jordan Caron. — Dan Cagen (@DanCagen)


A Look At The Bruins 2014 Entry Draft Picks

The Bruins didn’t make any trades. The Bruins have no cap space. The off-season looks bleak, but never say never…right? RIGHT?! Meh, this isn’t about the Bruins cap structure, this is about the NHL Entry Draft. The Bruins did pretty well over the weekend, especially with a steal. #25 RW David Pastrnak Chip did his homework […]

Pastrnak Thumbnail

NHL Draft 2014: Bruins…win?

Meet the new boss.  Same as the old boss.  But at least we drafted the foreign exchange student from ‘Can’t Hardly Wait’!  You remember him, right?  The one who is taught to ask everyone to touch his penis??  Look at the headshot, and then look at the GIF.  Go ahead…tell me I’m wrong.     […]


Why Your Expectations Should Be Low This Offseason

This is more rant than anything. You’ll probably hate it. Enjoy.  I think there are some ridiculous expectations of the Bruins this off-season. You’ve already heard people calling radio shows, writing blogs, tweeting that the Bruins need to make a huge move. “Ya the Broons need tah sign Tomas Vanek.” “Tha Broons should go aftah […]


Bergeron, Tuukka Apply To Waste Management, Clean Up At NHL Awards

Seriously, this is Patrice Bergeron’s league – he’s just nice enough to allow everyone else to play in it. Bergeron cleaned up last night, taking home two trophies and also left as the NHL 15 cover person. After the completely unnecessary and over-the-top bullshit cover voting process that annoyed people who will actually play the […]

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Bruins: Days of Future Future, pt. 4

After focusing on talented offensive defenseman Anthony Deangelo last time, we decided to move the search back up front.  DOY didn’t travel far, either, settling on Deangelo’s talented and equally enigmatic teammate, Nikolai Goldobin.     Nikolai Goldobin, RW 5’11”, 180 lbs Sarnia, OHL ISS Ranking: 26   Goldobin’s profile matches that of the other […]


Bruins Release Pre-Season Schedule

The Bruins have officially released their preseason schedule starting on September 23 in Montreal. I wonder if Milan Lucic will fucking kill anyone? Here’s the complete schedule 9/23 at MTL – 7:30pm 9/24 vs. WSH – 7:00pm 9/26 at WSH – 7:00pm 9/27 at DET – 7:00pm 9/30 vs. NYI – 7:00pm 10/3 vs. NYI […]