Turn Down The Suck Please. BRUINS LOSE.

Godfuckingdammit Bruins. You assholes just had to go and lose to the one team I hate more than I hate pumpkin pie and country music (which is a lot)(FIGHT ME). Let’s take a look at the score shall we: http://imgur.com/wFyHDAL HA. GROSS. I mean, what is that even? What were you doing? What were you […]


Khudobin Out. McIntyre Up. Goalie Situation Akin To Alderaan.

Support Days of Y’Orr on Patreon! The Bruins announced that Anton Khudobin will be out for about three to four weeks with an “upper body injury”. This has prompted the team to call up Zane McIntyre on an emergency basis which now leaves the Bruins with a goalie duo of Malcolm Subban and McIntyre. The […]


Gameday Preview 6: Where the Wild Players Are.

After losing to a Montreal team that is so far in the Bruins’ collective heads that they might as well be grey matter, the Bs are taking on the Minnesota Wild tonight. If you ask NBC on a Wednesday night, this could be considered a rivalry game.  Seriously, that happened once.  Thankfully, that’s not the case. If […]


Welcome to the Brad Marchand Show Featuring Patrice Bergeron. BRUINS WIN!

Welcome to the Brad Marchand Show Featuring Patrice Bergeron! Bruins win 2-1 at home against New Jersey. Initially the Bruins and Devils were entrenched in one of the most boring, incredibly tedious game of hockey I’ve ever had to watch. Thankfully while I was watching the Bruins game, I was also editing ‘The Optional Skate‘ which […]


4: Devils @ Bruins: Unlimited Pasta and Bradsticks

Before I start gushing like Greg’s loins when he looks at his fantasy roster and sees Auston Matthews and Patrick Laine, there’s some shit that needs to get addressed. This Bruins team has some serious fucking issues. You know how many of their goals have come from sources not on their top line or D pairing? Fucking […]



Hello darlings, it’s been a long night of hockey hasn’t it? Are we all awake still and ready for a bedtime recap? Wonderful. If you’re not awake anymore, that’s okay too. Now if you’re one of the ones still awake, grab a warm glass of milk, tuck yourselves in with your teddies and get snuggled […]


3: Bruins @ Jets. Save Us Y2Bergeron.

Play shit team. Win. Play shit team. Lose. Play shit team. ??? If you’re going to start a season without your best player, you couldn’t ask for a better set of opponents than Columbus, Toronto, and Winnipeg. As expected, the Bruins offense has been hotter than Ken Bone’s reddit comment history. Unfortunately, the defense has looked, […]


Auston 3:16 Says ‘We Just Kicked Your Ass!’

Get the tape of this game, place it in a brown paper bag and dump sack the TD Garden. In my preview, I wrote that no matter what we could fall back on knowing that it was the Bruins playing the Leafs and that the Leafs were going to do Leafy things. Unfortunately it was […]


2. Boston Bruins at Toronto Maple Leafs. Auston 19:67.

Support Days of Y’Orr on Patreon! Ya know, we’ve been blasted before about wrestling/hockey photoshops so this one if for you bud. The Auston Matthews hype has never been more real folks. It is so real that NBC picked up this game so it would broadcast a CANADIAN TEAM HOME GAME to American homes. That […]


Marchand, Marchand, Marchand! BRUINS WIN!

Brad Marchand is so good, he made it so that the final score was his jersey number. What a special, special guy. And really, how great was it to see John Tortorella, fresh off seeing Marchand abuse his Team USA, get a front row seat to the Brad Marchand Show? Marchand is the real deal. […]


1: Bruins @ Blue Jackets. It’s a New Day! Yes It Is!

Ok, now that the dust is gone… HOLY SHIT, YOU GUYS! HOCKEY IS BACK! Yes, we all Joe Thorntoned in our living rooms last night watching Auston Matthews. But tonight is the night we’ve all been waiting for. The return of YOUR SIX TIME STANLEY CUP CHAMPION BOSTON BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS (yes we know he’s not here […]


Boston Bruins Start Season With Slew of Injuries

Support Days of Y’Orr on Patreon!  The Bruins plopped a media press release in our non-credentialed email today with some pretty major news. Miller underwent successful surgery to repair a fracture in his left hand by Dr. Matthew Leibman at Newton-Wellesley Hospital on Tuesday, October 11. Miller’s expected recovery time is six weeks. McQuaid suffered […]


OHL Oshawa Generals Retire Marc Savard’s Number

Reddit user /u/Demetris83 posted video of Marc Savard’s speech when the OHL Oshawa Generals retired his number last night. While Savard is technically no longer a Boston Bruin, there are many around here who believe he will always be part of the Bruins family. Savard is in a pretty elite class when you look at the other Generals […]


Boston Bruins, Brad Marchand Agree To 8 Year Extension

Bob McKenzie, hockey reporter to the stars, has reported that Brad Marchand has signed an 8 year deal with the Bruins. After watching Marchand put up insane numbers last year and continuing that torrid pace at the World Cup of Hockey, Don Sweeney made magic happen. I’ll be honest, I was worried the Bruins would […]


Help Us Give To The Shawn Thornton Foundation

On August 29, 2016 we here at Days of Y’Orr launched a new campaign on Patreon in hopes to be able to enhance our content, purchase new equipment for the group and eventually be able to do this as our full time jobs. This form of funding allows us to remain completely in control of our […]