NHL, NHLPA finally start really negotiating: Is this hockery almost over?


So it's now about two-and-a-half months or so into what should be the 2012-2013 season and there might be, just might be actual progress into NHL CBA negotiations. We know this beause for once there wasn't shit being tossed by one party or another. In fact, we waited longer for Bettman's presser today than the presser actually lasted.

Super scientific NASA cameras captured this image of Bettman a milisecond after finishing his statement.

In truth though. This is a good sign for the league. Funny that they had to toss out Bettman and Fehr to get the ball really moving but whatevs.

From the Edmonton Journal:

Former player Nick Kypreos, a Sportsnet broadcaster and staunch supporter of the NHLPA in labour negotations, says NHL commissioner Gary Bettman wants a deal done to end the NHL lockout by Friday.

“Apparently Gary is ready to get a deal done,” Kypreos said. “He wants this thing done Friday. Friday!”

Good to know Gary is only now ready to get a deal done. Rest of us were ready this summer. But it looks like we'll know by Friday if we'll have a season or not.

Kypreos also said players are being told to be ready… you hear that Milan Lucic and Brad Marchand? Get fucking ready.

But who cares what Kypreos thinks. What does Steve Burton think?

This afternoon the NHLPA presented the league with an offer and just a few minutes ago the NHL countered:

So it's a whole bunch of what we've seen the past two months — offer and counter-offer — but with some actual effort behind it. So there's a glimmer of hope in the sky that we're hoping isn't the twinkling of piss from Jeremy Jacob's chamberpot.

Apparently Jacobs has been vocal in the owner-players negotiations but before people start bowing before him and kissing his freshly polished shoes, let's not forget he was the main force behind keeping the lockout going on this long. Or as Steve Dangle puts it:

In other news, NHL.com are fucking trolls.

See ya Friday, kids.





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