This might be the greatest anti-Jeremy Jacobs video on the Internet

  Not sure how we've never seen this before but the headline says it all. Amazing. This is kinda how we sound every morning we wake up and there's no new CBA in place. Also, video is still kinda relevant even after all these years. Earlier today Joe Haggerty wrote a column bitch slapping […]

NHL/PA Cancel Games Up To December 14th

While Americans were running people over to get great deals so they can spoil their already shitty children, the NHL and the PA were busy canceling more of the season. After canceling all of November in hopes of working out a deal (LOL) Bettman and his crew announced that all games leading up to December […]

Johnny Boychuk Heading To Salzburg Red Bulls In Austria

Johnny Boychuk makes #11. 11 Bruins are now overseas and it pains me so much in my gullet. Confirmed by two of Boychuk's relatives on Twitter today, it looks like Destroychuk is a goner for now. He's heading to Austria!   @

Who is really to blame for the NHL Lockout? Gary Bettman, Donald Fehr or Us?

At one point I wrote that there was going to be progress with the NHL talks as the league and the PA were meeting for hours at a time for multiple days. Apparently all that good will and negotiating means absolutely nothing because Gary Bettman is proposing that the NHL and the PA takes two […]

Patrick Kane and Tyler Seguin Tag Team Some Swiss Guy

This is real life during an NHL Lockout apparently. Tyler Seguin is tweeting some pictures from a photoshoot that includes him, Patrick Kane and some Swiss wrestler. You can't make this shit up.    Magazine photo shoot with @

Who says politics and hockey don’t mix… the GOP, probably

  Cool story on Puck Daddy today on how the canceled Boston Bruins vs. Minnesotta Wild game led to a Mitt Romney campaign Election Day meltdown. Give it a read as it's a really interesting post about the NHL Lockout's weird campaign influence, but here are some of our fav bits: Even with an [CBA] […]

Movember of Y’Orr Week 1 update

First off, I want to thank everyone who has donated to Movember of Y'Orr. Our team has currently raised $164. I want to thank A12,

MIlan Lucic does a commercial… it’s worse than you can possibly imagine

  Well… this certainly happened: Sorry… here's a animated GIF of PD's Harrions Mooney dancing to clense the eyes.   Haha, suckers. Anyways, back to Looch. Clearly he hasn't been taking acting classes during the offseason & lockout. Maybe he should've taken some lessons with Mr. Adam Oates. In seriousness, this was almost painful […]

The Day After: One on One With Tim Thomas: A Patrice Purrgeron Report

The election has come and gone and a Democrat still sits in the White House. Among the rioting, tweeting and pot smoking in Massachusetts, I decided to set out and find the one man who has told truths since day one. I jumped on Bear Force One and headed to Colorado where I would sit […]

The NHL and PA Are ACTUALLY Talking To One Another!

    It seems that the NHL and the PA have been sitting down for some actual discussion about getting hockey played this year. Many are speculating that the NHL will cut itself down to a 64 game season, which doesn't include the playoffs. The reason why so many people believe that shit is actually […]

Watch Zdeno Chara send Miroslav Satan into next week

  Hey remember that time Zdeno Chara and Miroslav Satan played on the same team? Well, Chara doesn't.  And after this hit he laid on Satan (skip to :53 seconds) we don't think Satan will remember much of it either: Brutal. No word on if Slovan Bratislava fans called the cops on Chara after the […]