RECAP: What Time is It? Six Past the Bruins. Bruins Lose.

Last night was ugly. How ugly was it? The game was so ugly that Jon wouldn't even sleep with it. The game was soooo ugly. But how ugly was it? So ugly that Robb thought he was looking at a reflection in the mirror. The game was soooo ugly. But how ugly was it? So […]

The Hypocrisy of the NHL Department of Player Safety

Please Note: I agree with the NHL on their ruling of Shawn Thornton's incident involving Brooks Orpik. If you are unable to get past that first sentence, there's an X at the top of the screen you can press. Although I love Thornton, there's nothing you can say that will justify the actions that he […]

Shawn Thornton Shanabanned 15 games

  The verdict is in. Shawn Thornton is getting 15 games for his incident with Brooks Orpik last week. Thornton has missed three games already, so he'll miss another 12. He'll be back in time for my birthday party weekend next month. Thanks, NHL! Thornton gets 15 games.

PREVIEW: Bruins vs. Canucks — Goooo West!

  Honestly, this preview was going to be about how we don't give a shit about Vancouver anymore because we see them once or twice a year, the Cup finals were two years ago, and what's the point of further belittling the special needs student of the NHL? And then we started going through our […]

Flying Bear T-Shirt 40% Off Today Only

There's 12 days left until Christmas. If you still need some stocking stuffer ideas or just want to buy yourself something, you're in luck. TODAY ONLY Supahfans has our Flying Bear T-Shirt for 40% off if you use the coupon code 12days. So you're getting a pretty fly shirt for about $10 bucks.  Also, guess what? They have […]

Fire on the Oil Rig. BRUINS WIN!

I would like to thank the fine country of Canada for the three straight wins they've given the Proviston Bruins. You can always bank on a Canadian road trip to make a young and/or inexperienced lineup look better than they are. I guess the Bruins lucked out with facing both Calgary and Edmonton at what […]


32. Boston Bruins at E monton Oilers. Ah E monton, The D Is Silent

Oh the Edmonton Oilers. What a horrible, horrible hockey franchise you are. Despite having the first pick three years in a row, the Oilers are sitting in last place in the Western Conference. Why? Because they don't have defense and they don't have goaltending. Apparently Steve Tambellini believed that scoring wins everything and that is why […]

Rob Dimaio: Bruins Legend

DOY staff member Robb participated in Movember, and to meet his goal we promised anyone that donated at least $50 that we'd write an article on the topic of their choosing. One of the requests was a post explaining why Rob Dimaio was the greatest Bruins player to wear #19. This request was probably the […]

Zdeno Chara Refuses To Let Jarome Iginla On The Bench BECAUSE HE’S A MONSTER

The Bruins are fucking monsters man. Maybe those dudes at Habs Eye on the Prize is right, maybe the Bruins are beginning to reap what they sow. Last night's actions by the Boston Bruins, and namely Zdeno Chara, pushed me over the edge. These guys at HEOTP are right – the Bruins are demonstrative jerkoffs […]

We Still Love You Shawn Thornton

Before we start here, let's just get something out of the way since almost everyone on the internet is sensitive these days. We are not saying what Thornton did is justified in any way. We are not saying we are glad he did it. What we are saying, however, is that Shawn Thornton is still […]

31. Boston Bruins at Calgary Flames. CAUSE IGGY, IGGY IS COMING HOME!

I hate west coast start times. Even if 9:30 EST is a pretty good start time (well, I guess better than 10:30), I still hate it. I'm an old ass man, I'm usually hitting the sheets by the time 10ish rolls around – especially if there's nothing good to watch. I can't commit and tell […]


Well that was fun. Leafs scored first, small amount of B's fans unreasonably panic. Then Bruins just dominate. Second game in two days and one could've expected a rough effort after the emotional, physical disaster the game against Pittsburgh was. Have to hand it to the Bruins though. They somehow found a way to put […]