Days of Y’Orr Pregame Show — NY Islanders 2/26


Tune in for today's episode of the Days of Y'Orr Pregame Show LIVE. The show starts at 6:30pm. At around 6:15pm we'll update this page with a live stream player below.


Internet kicked out. RCN Sucks. Here's rest of the show.

How to Watch:

Blog: Come back to this page at 6:15pm

Can't watch it live? No worries. The player will update itself with the live recorded version once the show is over so you can watch at your own leisure.

On Today's Episode:

This eveningwe'll be talking about the Bruins/Islanders game, figure out why Boston's isn't getting PP opportunities, does Thomas have his own cult, our quarter-season surprises/disappointments, and more. We're also giving away a free Puck Kooler. Also, if you're sensitive to certain words, be forewarned that we don't care. 

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Show Notes:

After the show is over we'll update this section to list the stories we refer to and other notes from today's show. Here's a few links to get started, though.

– Greg's Game Day Preview on how awful the Islanders are 
– More info on the NHL realignment… might involve Wild Cards. Boooo!
– Here's video of Ryan Miller losing his shit again.

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